Agent services in China, legal support in China, company registration in China and Hong Kong

Procedure and conditions of our cooperation in china

Complete and qualified check of each potential partner or supplier in China, analytical evaluation of enterprises in China, obtaining quotations from Chinese manufacturers, direct address, and complete data production companies and factories

Terms and conditions of our company in terms of service delivery and search agency (outsourcing) business customers who want to buy or to place an order for production in China, are flexible, and their value depends on the volume of purchases and complexity of the projects.

Briefly on the order of our cooperation

We begin to cooperate with new clients with a single query processing. In order to get started on request, we require customers to maximize detailed specification (possibly samples).

A detailed list of services and their cost can be seen in the text of the treaties, which we will send you upon request or in response to your request. They have a common view of the frame, so after adjusting your lawyers, we are ready to consider additional options or conditions of our cooperation.

On the basis of your detailed requirements specification drawn up in any form, we are looking for partners, suppliers in China after the conclusion of the service contract and receipt of advance payment for our work (100% prepayment).

Exploratory research involves the collection and processing of information provider and preconditions of working with him, the study of prices in a given branch of production, as well as:

  • Full contact details of companies (address, website, phone, fax)
  • Data on the registered capital and legal form
  • Industrial, office space, the number of employees
  • The annual turnover of the manufacturer
  • Prices are interested in the product range
  • Minimum and maximum possible volumes of supplies
  • Lead times for production (output)
  • Terms of financial settlements with producers
  • Characteristics of packaging products
  • The presence of the plant design and design departments
  • The possibility of catalogs and product samples
  • Information about the seasonal variations in prices and discounts for this group of products
  • Other information on request.

Information sheet prepared according to the following criteria:

  • The scale of the enterprise, factory, manufacturer in China
  • Raw material base of the Chinese company
  • Foreign enterprise experience
  • Reliable partner in China
  • Range of products
  • Pricing products manufacturer
  • The level of technical equipment of the plant
  • The possibility of obtaining the commodity loans from Chinese supplier
  • Experience of the enterprise with foreign partners
  • The presence of domestic and international product certificates
  • Lead times by Chinese
  • The presence of import and export licenses from the manufacturer
  • Methods and degree of quality control of goods at the factory.

If you are satisfied with the quality of our work, and you will constantly use our agency services (buying products or placing orders for production), we offer a complete package of services for maintaining parts of your business in China as a comprehensive service program “remote office” with a separate manager that will guide your project.

Our company employs only Russian employees who live in China, have specialized education and experience of foreign economic activity, with the obligatory knowledge of the Chinese (priority) and

We assist in purchasing or placing orders at the volume of $ 10 000 per month.

Cost of services of the “Branch Office” the order of 2 – 6% depending on the amount of purchases of Chinese products (production orders), taking into account the complexity of the project.

We can also conclude an agreement “remote office” immediately, bypassing the one-time request. Contracts for the purchase of products in China or placing orders for production can be concluded as the manufacturer and our company.

If you need, we can arrange a tour of the manufacturing plants with the relevant negotiations. You will be accompanied by a qualified manager – translator. If you need an invitation for a visa to China, to stay, to meet you at the airport, etc., please contact us, we will do it for free. The consultations that you are interested, are included in the “remote office”.

Shipping from China – our logistics will help you determine the routes, delivery times, provide quotes to render the final product cost and arrange shipping to your address, including multimodal delivery schemes.

We offer a range of services in the market is unique because we work with our customers across the spectrum of styles – from the registration of companies, contracts, inspections at manufacturing plants to provide logistics and modern financial instruments.

Our priorities in the work – efficiency, reliability and quality.

Our customers are large companies and holdings in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Israel and other countries.

We can provide you with recommendations of companies that are already working with us.

We hope for our mutually beneficial cooperation.

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