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Business representative in China – full and efficient cooperation with the Chinese party, the position, range of services, level of motivation, the necessity of having a business representative in China.

What services should your business representative in China offer? Of course, that depends on the focus area and the volume amount of your business activity in China. However, the main function is representation of your interests and full business support. A complex representative service package can be offered only by a company with a great experience and staff of qualified specialists in different areas of foreign trade business. Representative in China is not just a Chinese speaking person, he is acting on behalf of you in front of the Chinese partners. Whether  your cooperation with China is successful or not depends on how he represents your interests. It is very important to know how to communicate, negotiate well enough, have fluent language to understand all the specifics and nuances in dealing with Chinese, know the local laws and the mentality. The very important fact is who the agent is. If it is a freelancer, then his services might be much cheaper, but is this reliable enough?

1 The contract may be only on words

2 He may suddenly disappear, get sick, not answer your calls

3 You do not have an idea where to find him

Much more reliable to deal with an agent company where the advantages are:

1 The formal contract with the customer will be signed

2 Employees are interchangeable and speak several foreign languages

3 There is an official website of the company, office, contact details

4 Control of the employees by the head of the company

5 Division of the functions and the presence of Chinese employees in staff

A business representative in China must have:

– a number of qualified foreign trade experts employed;

– high Chinese proficiency (both written and oral);

– an experience in business documentation (the initial design and translation);

– a specialization in certain area of merchandizing or engineering;

– a knowledge of the specifics of doing business in China, features of the Chinese business mentality;

– an experience in representing the interests of client companies;

– a qualification relevant to the operated business industry;

– permanent address and legal status of his business in China;

– stable communication (phone, fax, email);

– staff of experts in various business spheres;

A business representative in China must be able to:

– search for potential business partners in China;

– evaluate the selected companies and factories;

– systemize the gathered business information;

– design and translate contracts and other business trade documents with guaranteed fidelity of the translation into English and Chinese;

– hold the negotiations with manufacturers;

– conduct the monitoring of a certain market area;

– arrange the delivery of product samples to a determined destination point;

– control the quality of goods and packing during the production or procurement;

– carry out inspections of Chinese factories, control the production deadlines, make a schedule of shipping and delivery;

– check the accompanying contract, cargo and technical paperwork;

– assist in the development and approval of samples, packing samples, drafts and models of the goods;

– submit full reports and analytical data upon client’s request;

– consult on logistics, financial and legal issues;

– provide any additional services needed;

Working in the cooperation with local Chinese companies requires a lot of effort. Without knowledge of the specifics of this work is very easy to “make a lot of blunders.” If there is no strict quality control and timely inspection, many Chinese manufacturers do not try to comply with the terms of the contract. There is no problem for them not to follow the contract terms, to delay production deadlines or make inaccurate samples (because it is “almost normal”). Especially if you never been to China, do not know the local peculiarities of doing business. A qualified representative – agent companies are necessary to find, negotiate,  verify, monitor, and avoid conflicts. Also your time is important, no wonder Americans say “time is money”. Your representative with the necessary database, permanently residing in China, requires less time to search suitable partners than if you do it yourself. Despite all expenses, the cooperation brings a great return, when your representative controls the part of work in China. It pays off well, although there are additional expenses paying the agent company service fee.

As practice shows, doing business with China can turn out to be not efficient without the professional assistance – results of the work may be below customer’s (investor’s) expectations.

Planning any business project in China, a company should have a distinct idea, about the part of work it will deliver to the charge of the representative, also what services it needs to carry out in terms of cooperation with Chinese party. It’s essential to estimate the level of qualification of the representative, his experience in China, his loyalty to the client, his motivation in the cooperation and range of services he provides.  Our company located in China, has the opportunity to attend major international exhibitions, track the latest trends and changes in both the domestic and foreign market in China, we have many options for search manufactures of any direction. Our company has :
1 Purchasing department
2 Logistics Department
3 Legal Department
4 Chinese staff – Russian managers assistants

Our company represents the interests of several large companies, mostly Russian and ex-USSR. We offer our service in supporting our clients’ business activity in China, agenting various investment and production projects.

As your business representative in China, we are able to offer a great range of service on the ‘remote office’ program. We hope, you’ll appreciate our work!

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