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      Do you or your company need an employee in China? We will find the right specialist!

      When doing business in China, in addition to official registration and office search, it is necessary to select competent and responsible personnel. Our company UGL Corporation Ltd. has many years of experience in the selection of highly qualified personnel for successful business development in the territory of China.

      HR in China

      We take into account all the factors that affect the search and employment of a competent employee from the Chinese side. Our multi-stage selection system, thorough analysis and conducting multiple interviews with a single candidate is a mandatory list of activities that allows us to significantly reduce the number of applicants for subsequent analysis for the employer. This procedure will make it easier to find the right employee and get rid of a large number of unscrupulous job seekers for the sake of employment. Constant information support, organized by our specialists, regarding the labor code, allows you to minimize risks and draw up a profitable and correct employment contract for both parties. Our services include testing candidates for knowledge of English and Russian. Assessment of professional qualifications. These procedures are important first of all if the hired specialist will participate in negotiations with clients or represent the company in other cities of China. To correctly calculate the salary of a Chinese specialist, we will provide detailed advice on wages, social contributions for ordinary employees, specialists, middle and senior managers for each individual province of the People’s Republic of China.

      HR in China

      In turn, the employer, after entering into a contract with the hired person, must comply with all the basic rules of employment in the PRC. These include: the annual payment of the necessary taxes, the implementation of deductions to state funds. The latter requires special attention, since the pension fund and the compulsory health insurance fund are the main social authorities for the protection of the rights and interests of employees and involve monetary contributions.

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