December 2018: new office in Shenzhen - UGLC
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      December 2018: new office in Shenzhen

      UGLC is pleased to announce the opening of a branch in Shenzhen, which took place on December 1, 2018.
          Asema Zhulamanova, who previously held the position of legal department manager in Beijing, was appointed a head of the UGLC (Shenzhen) branch.
          The new office is located in the innovative-technological center of the city, most of the IT-companies of the country are located here. Within walking distance to the Talent Park (人才 公园), the head office of Tencent (developed by WeChat).
      The decision to open a branch was made due to a significant increase in the company’s customers in the southern part of China. In this regard, the company’s management has set its goal to reduce the time of service. This will significantly simplify cooperation with us and increase the efficiency of our work. Opening a new branch office – taking care of each of our clients!

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