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      February 2018.

      1. UGL company made first deliveries of goods for the “summer-2018” season and sporting goods to the “Familia” retail chain. Despite the tight deadlines, during which it was necessary to complete the production of goods, our company was able to correctly establish a dialogue with Chinese suppliers and complete deliveries on time. Familia retail chain is a well-known brand of house hold goods, clothes and footwear in Russia, using the American model of selling discount goods. Most of the goods are delivered from China and UGL helps to place the orders to the Chinese factories or to buy already manufactured goods with the discount.
      2. UGL company has opened an office in Shantou. To improve the quality of service, as well as to further expand the range of products supplied, we opened an office in Shantou city, which is also called the capital of toy manufacturers in China. Here are concentrated small and medium-sized factories that produce inexpensive products that are in demand by Russian wholesale companies, retail chains and manufacturers of snack products. The opening of this office allowed our company to significantly increase the volume of supplied toys from China.
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