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      October 2018: famous brands trust us

      Winter has just ended, and we have already prepared news about a range of new projects we completed the autumn of 2018 and winter of 2019!

      In mid-October, our company completed the registration of Huppa’s subsidiary in Beijing. Huppa is a brand of children’s clothing well-known in Europe. Everywhere where warm, high-quality clothing is required for children. The Chinese market is one of the new directions of international development for the company, which is actively developing in new markets. The company’s management positively assesses the market potential of high-quality children’s clothing and hopes that the opening of a subsidiary structure here will help to increase sales. UGL helped Huppe to go through all registration formalities in a very short time, and also to resolve issues with the selection of Chinese stuff. We sincerely hope that the company will fully succeed in implementing the plans to quickly conquer the Chinese market.

      # BusinessChina #Industry Industry # AllBestChildren

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