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      UGL company offers to buy medical masks wholesale from the manufacturer in China!

      Due to the worsening epidemiological situation associated with the rapid spread of coronavirus COVID-19 in the world, our company is working to quickly close the needs of customers to maintain their health with simple, affordable means.

      This includes a disposable three-layer rubber mask. UGL has entered into a cooperation agreement with a large factory, which specializes in the production of protective masks with EU quality standard. Production capacity of the company is ready to provide up to 500 thousand masks per day, so we have the opportunity to offer attractive prices for medical masks. Also, we will provide operative deliveries of masks to Russia.

      Details about masks.

      • 50 protective masks in one package.
      • In a box – 2500 masks.
      • The color of the masks is blue.
      • EU standard, three-layer, one-time masks.
      • Factory quality.
      • The minimum order batch – 200 000 pieces (80 boxes).

      Samples of three-layer masks

      What are the advantages of three-layer masks? It is the most common type of mask, quite effective in domestic conditions and in conditions of viral danger. Three-layer masks are made of a special material – spunbond or spangles. It is a non-woven material made of thin polymer threads. Certified medical spunbond is used to manufacture protective masks. The middle filtering layer is made of meltblast. This polymeric material traps fine aerosol particles and microorganisms, has a high chemical resistance, while letting in oxygen molecules. Thus, three-layer masks effectively protect against many viruses and bacteria, without obstructing breathing.

      We offer to buy protective masks in large wholesale batches. You can find out more details and ask questions by writing to us by mail or calling us by phone: 8 800 777-61-98.

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