Wholesale of medical antibacterial masks
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      Wholesale of medical antibacterial masks

      Company UGL offers to buy large wholesale medical antibacterial masks. Unlike “household” protective masks, this type is suitable for use by medical professionals and provides a more serious level of protection. The product is certified; all necessary documents are available.

      Details about masks.

      • Suitable for use by medical professionals (complete sterility).
      • Antibacterial, three-layer, disposable.
      • The color of masks – blue.
      • In one package – 50 protective masks.
      • In the box – 20,000 masks.
      • Factory quality, EU standard.
      • The goods are certified.
      • The minimum order lot – 200 000 pieces.

      Medical masks are made at the factory-manufacturer with observance of all necessary norms.

      You can find out more details and ask questions by writing to us by mail or calling us by phone: 8 800 777-61-98.

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