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      Service to organize your business in China on a turn-key basis. VIP package.

      A set of services to enter the Chinese market for large companies.

      What is the VIP package?

      • 1We draft a roadmap
      • 5We search for the management and the stuff, develop a management system
      • 2Work out a detailed strategy
      • 6Tax planning and financial management
      • 3Marketing in-depth analysis
      • 7Brand development in China
      • 4Company and its subsidiaries registration
      • 8Legal consulting

      Developing a strategy for entering the PRC market, including:

      • We choose a place to register in
      • Select your investments jurisdiction
      • Plan the branches development
      • Create operational and non-operational offices
      • Look for management
      • Plan taxes


      HR Services in China

      The success of any company lies in its team. Working in the Chinese personnel market, we help to find and select line managers at the middle level, regional sales directors, area managers (logistics, marketing), financial directors, as well as branch and division managers. Our company's specialists will help to create an HR department and develop a personnel management system. Know more.

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      Searching for the stuff
      In-depth market researches

      In-depth market researches

      No major project to bring products to new markets can do without market researches. We offer marketing services in the PRC and neighboring territories (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia). Qualitative and quantitative research, comparative analysis of the product/service positioning.

      • We carry out detailed field research in several cities of China simultaneously with a coverage of at least 10% of retail in various formats with the compilation of a numerical distribution map.
      • We carry out focus groups among end users of products.
      • We make market forecasts for the next 3 years


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      Legal Consulting Services

      Working in new markets, any company faces the problem of legal regulation. The laws and their application are different from the usual practice. Working with our company, clients receive a reliable partner with an extensive legislative base and experience in applying PRC laws in practice.

      • Consultations on commercial law of China, including the examination of contracts..
      • Legal support for the protection of intellectual property of the client..
      • Trade Disputes Settlement.
      • Projects due-diligence.


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      Legal Consulting Support
      Brand Development in China and PR Services

      Brand Development or PR Services in China

      The Chinese market is highly competitive, including local companies, foreign enterprises, as well as with large transnational corporations. The winner in the race is the one who invests reasonable money in the promotion of the company, its products or services.. Know more.

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      We provide the following services:

      • 1Chinese Market Strategy Development
      • 5Company Presentation
      • 2Media Development Plan
      • 6Road-show
      • 3Online platforms development (including WeChat)
      • 7Press-conferences and interviews
      • 4Direct and context ads in the Chinese Internet
      • 8Annual PR Strategy Execution

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      Why us?

      • We know how the things work
        Experience in the PRC market for over 12 years
      • We partnered with both Corporates and Individuals
        We will understand each other
      • We are global

        Offices in China and Europe

      • We are professionals

        We do not consult, we cooperate

      • Complicated tasks

        We will structure your Chinese market entering strategy

      • Full cycle service

        From A to Z

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