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The Company

Welcome to the UGL Corporation website!

Our company has been operating since 2005.

The main directions of our work are international trade and business consulting services.

International trade operations are conducted through several Hong Kong companies grouped together, and consulting services for foreign companies planning to be present on the Chinese market or already registered in China are provided on behalf of a 100% subsidiary company – UGL Consulting Co. Ltd., Beijing, incorporated in 2013 in Beijing.

In the field of international trade UGL company specializes in supplying toys and children’s goods, goods for retail chains (household group), as well as decorating and construction materials, we have clients in Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada and US. Besides, our company renders trade agencyservices, including search of suppliers, company check, negotiations on contract conditions – all complex of services needed for the smooth deliveries of production from China.

In business consulting we work with foreign companies that consider China or Hong Kong as a new market for their products or services. Our work starts with drawing up a business plan necessary to enter the market, with market research to help our clients to position their products correctly, and also provide consultations on specific issues (determining the most advantageous location of the company, assessing barriers to entry the market, etc.). In the second stage, when the decision to enter the market has already been made, we help with the registration of companies in China or Hong Kong and providing of the necessary business licenses.

Our experts are ready to render a full spectrum of services – beginning from drawing upa budget, working out of the constituent documents to accounting and HR service and support of activity in any province and any city of China.Our clients, including major Russian companies such as PJSC “Transcontainer”, JSC “KDV”, GC “Aleika”, LLC “Yanta-T”, as well as companies from Kazakhstan – LLP “LUKOIL Lubricants Central Asia”, JSC NC “KAZAKH INVEST” and others, appreciate the high level of involvement of UGL employees, as well as the efficiency of the registration process and post-registration service for foregin companies and representative offices.

For those companies who already have offices in the PRC or in Hong Kong, we offer accounting, recruitment and work permit services, as well as services to promote the company in the PRC market, including digital marketing, OOH and event marketing.

Clients of our company also actively use our advice on corporate law, labor law and recruitment, tax law, discuss with us issues of tax optimization, taxation of the company in terms of the relationship with the founder, and much more that you need to know for successful business in China and Hong Kong.

The format of our company is unique in the wide range of services that we are ready to provide to our clients, interested inthe markets of China and Hong Kong. The accumulated experience, as well as constant work with various administrative bodies, public organizations and large businesses allows our clients to receive information at first hand, being confident in the relevance and reliability of data from UGLcompany.

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