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      Purchasing in China – Remote Office Program in China

      Remote Purchasing Office in China

      According to statistical data, 70% of the market in Russia is occupied by goods from China. Business in China offers favorable conditions: cheap labor, well-established production of any goods, especially light industry. The majority of beginners and already established Russian entrepreneurs are interested in cooperation with Chinese partners. Some are concerned about the question: “Where and how to find a Chinese supplier/manufacturer?”, larger enterprises are aimed at registering their own representative office or company in China. Both will be particularly interested in the service offered by UGL Corporation Ltd. – a remote office in China

      What is the essence of the service?

      At registration of service of remote office in China, you receive the organization of all stages of activity on wholesale purchase of production in China. This includes: search and selection of suppliers, reliability checks, coordination of contract documentation, production process control, wholesale purchasing, quality control, shipment and delivery of goods and much more. Besides, our experts spend marketing researches, are engaged in the analysis of activity of that segment in which your business works, render consulting support and give legal protection. The remote office works without your direct presence, and you receive reports and all the necessary information, being in your country without the need for a personal permanent presence in China.

      Benefits of UGL Corporation “remote office” service

      By taking advantage of our service, you will have a real opportunity to expand the geography of your business and without serious investment to increase your profits. You will not have to spend extra money on business trips to China to solve working moments. You can also entrust us with finding reliable partners and establishing relationships with them. As a result, you will not have to take risks and will not incur significant financial and time costs.

      UGL Corporation offers a comprehensive approach to work. The service package “remote office” includes:

      • manager engaged in the procurement of goods according to the technical specifications of the customer;
      • protection of the rights and interests of the client in China;
      • conducting negotiations and meetings with representatives of Chinese production;
      • communication with manufacturers, taking into account customer requirements and tasks;
      • searching for advantageous offers, acceptable cost and favourable terms;
      • control of production at each stage (from start-up to shipment of goods);
      • translation of business papers, specifications into Chinese/English;
      • legal support;
      • inspection of goods at every stage of production, as well as during loading;
      • preparation of all necessary documentation;
      • optimization of customs and logistics costs;
      • cooperation on a long-term basis.

      In addition, representatives of our company carry out a number of measures aimed at reducing the risks associated with the possible delivery of defective products, failure to comply with the agreed norms of production, failure of delivery dates, etc. Thus, service “remote office” allows to receive the wholesale goods from China not only at the most favourable price, but also with the maximum confidence in quality of the goods and delivery terms.

      Why should you trust us?

      We, as experts in agency, organizing working process for our clients cooperate with a very large number of factories and suppliers, therefore are not interested in advertising a particular factory. Selection of a factory comes from economic considerations that will be most beneficial to your business. Our task is to help you grow your company, offering reliable performers and suppliers to contact us, so that we can serve you for many years. We have many such customers, we appreciate and value them and thank them for their trust!

      Besides, since 2005, UGL Corporation has been representing the interests of foreign organizations and enterprises in the Chinese market, so our specialists have practical hands-on experience in providing such services.

      The cost of “remote office” service is calculated for each client individually. In the market of similar services the price policy of the company remains flexible that promotes conclusion of contracts both with small businessmen who are just beginning the way of cooperation with China, and with large participants of the market which are aimed at increase of profit at the expense of favourable business contracts with the Chinese manufacturers.

      If you still have any questions, please call the phones listed on the website. Our specialists will consult you for free!

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