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      E-commerce platforms registration in China

      The success of entering the Chinese market depends not only on the demand for the product but also on the ability to offer it to the target audience. For foreign brands, it is still quite difficult to find markets in China. Trade expansion to China can be carried out successfully and quickly thanks to the promotion tools offered by the PRC’s electronic trading platforms. E-commerce in China is a huge market with many opportunities. Over the past few years, online sales channels have seen rapid growth, while allowing them to more effectively and quickly find the target consumer and offer them their products.

      UGL Corporation Ltd. provides its customers with a range of services for the formation of a channel for the online distribution of products of foreign brands in China, as well as raising its awareness among Chinese audiences. In the Middle Kingdom, a huge number of online trading sites, many of which have their own specialization (for example, websites selling food products, foreign products, cosmetics, children’s products, etc.). The list of these sites is constantly growing, but there are market leaders such as Tmall, Taobao, JD, and others. It should be noted that there are certain requirements for registration at each individual site, therefore our experts are always ready to help with the choice of a particular resource depending on the type of product and from the needs and capabilities of the client. For the successful promotion of foreign products, we will conduct research and help you choose the most appropriate distribution channel with which your goods will be most successfully sold in the Chinese market. Then, on the basis of the information you provided about the company and products, our specialists will perform work on creating an online store, developing a design, launching it and setting up promotional tools.

      Specialists of the UGL company are ready to offer the following services:

      • Registration in the resource system on behalf of a legal or natural person;
      • Creating a personal online store in the trading platform.
      • Filling the store with content and content based on information and data provided by the customer (information about the company and description of the products you plan to sell);
      • Managing the store, focusing on improving its rating in the network, using modern means of communication with consumers (chat in Chinese);
      • Providing advice on the use of additional promotion tools within the trading platform: targeted advertising, banners, links, and so.

      It should be remembered that China is a country with oriental culture and mentality that is very different from Russian, therefore, the usual rules for us advertising the brand and promoting products for the Chinese consumer do not always work as we expect. Our specialists have extensive experience in promoting foreign goods in China and know the specifics of consumer habits and customer behavior. Based on the knowledge of the features of the Chinese market, our specialists will provide you with recommendations on the content requirements of the page.

      After launching the online store, we will also be able to perform administrative and optimization services for you. By studying the behavior of your target audience, we can develop a strategy to achieve sales goals. Based on the obtained statistical data, as well as marketing research, our specialists will develop a strategy for increasing efficiency, advise on all the services and tools that allow you to advertise and promote your brand.

      UGL Corporation Ltd. specialists are guided in their work not only by previously gained experience in promoting various business projects in China, but also by the most advanced current business development strategies. This approach allows us to effectively promote your business using e-commerce in China, using the latest digital tools and modern strategies.

      UGL services have been appreciated by over 2,000 customers in various business areas in China. If you want to become an active participant in the market, being in constant contact with the target audience – our specialists are ready to help you in this matter. You can always write to us on the site, leave a request or call by phone in Russia or in China.

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