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      Nominee Service – Director and Shareholder

      The nominee service provided by UGL includes the services of nominee director and nominee shareholder of companies registered in Hong Kong, as well as other offshore jurisdictions (Panama, Cyprus, BVI, etc.).

      A nominee director is an individual registered as a director of an offshore company. The actual management of such a company is carried out by the beneficiary owner. The nominee director, by order of the beneficiary, can carry out some legal actions on behalf of the offshore company (submit tax reports, open bank accounts, sign documents) as part of a power of attorney or other document confirming his authority.

      Nominee shareholder – an individual or legal entity registered as the owner of shares or corporate rights of an offshore company that does not actually manage such a company. The actual management of the company is carried out by the owner on the basis of a trust declaration or an agreement on the management of rights.

      Advantages of UGL’s nominee services:

      1. Registration of a nominee director, as well as a nominee shareholder, allows you not to advertise your business abroad.
      2. Registration of a nominee shareholder will allow you to keep confidential the name of the ultimate beneficiary in case the offshore company is registered as the founder of a Russian company.
      3. In the event of a transaction between a Russian and an offshore company in which the same beneficiary is the same person, the presence of a nominee director in an offshore company can play a decisive role.
      4. Tax optimization.
      5. Ability to work with banks in Hong Kong and Singapore.

      It is important to consider that financial transactions, as well as Internet bank management, are carried out by the ultimate beneficiary of the company. In addition, an important factor is the lack of information from the nominee director or shareholder about the business structure or planned trading operations in the company where he is listed. UGL guarantees this, many years of experience in providing nominee services confirms the loyalty of our nominee directors and shareholders.

      For the actual management of the company registered in the offshore zone, UGL will issue a power of attorney on behalf of the nominee director in the name of the owner of the offshore company, or in the name of his trustee. In order to legalize the power of attorney in Russia, UGL will perform the apostilization and transfer of the power of attorney, after which the power of attorney will be transferred to the actual owner of the company. If there is a nominee shareholder, our specialists can also offer the preparation and execution of a trust declaration with its subsequent notarization in Hong Kong, or in the presence of our responsible employees.

      Typically, the actual owner (or his authorized representative) carries out activities on behalf of the offshore company not in Russia, but in foreign countries, while all the necessary legal actions are performed by the nominee director on behalf of the owner under the supervision of UGL specialists. Other options for managing the company on demand and depending on the goals of the client are also possible.

      The security of the services of a nominee director is ensured by issuing a power of attorney addressed to the actual owner of the company, without the right to cancel it before the deadline for which it was issued. Also, a letter of resignation with an “open date” is drawn up from the nominee director, which will allow the owner to terminate the powers of the nominee director at any time. In addition, we advise you to issue a trust declaration when providing any nominee service (both the director and the shareholder), reflecting all the rights and obligations of the denomination.

      You can request the cost of nominee services from the managers of our company. UGL company guarantees the high quality of nominal services for the successful conduct of the business of our customers, including:

      • strict observance of the agreed terms for the provision of services;
      • minimization of client participation in solving procedural and bureaucratic issues;
      • transparency and reliability of the provision of services, which means engaging in cooperation only proven and loyal denominations;
      • providing, upon the client’s request, qualified legal advice on all issues arising in the course of providing nominee services:
      • comprehensive provision of services, which includes, in addition to legal registration, also all related services (fulfillment of all formalities related to drawing up a power of attorney, drawing up a rights management agreement, trust declaration, opening a bank account, submitting audit reports, etc.).

      If you have any questions, you can always contact the manager of UGL company in a chat, by phone or by leaving us a request by mail

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