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      Registration of work visa and residence permit in China

      Working visa to China is relevant for entrepreneurs planning to work in China. Most entrepreneurs after registration of a company with foreign capital can hire local residents or foreign specialists. A visa is required to enter the country and officially stay a foreign employee in China.

      UGL Corporation Ltd. is engaged in issuing working visas, filing documents with the appropriate authorities. Cooperating with our experts, you can count on receiving positive result for the shortest term. The specifics of the country and language difficulties can be a barrier to obtaining an entry permit to protect yourself and save your personal time, it is better to entrust the execution of documentation to professionals UGL Corporation Ltd.

      Types of long-term visa to China

      Long-term visa in China is presented in 2 categories: business and labor. Depending on the type of visa, the period of stay in the country also changes.

      1. Business visa (M-Visa) allows you to visit the country for three months.
      2. A labour visa (Z-Visa) is issued on the basis of a signed contract with the employer and the issuance of an official work permit.

      In addition, a company employee must obtain a residence permit in China, which we will also help you with. Obtaining such a visa is a time-consuming process: collecting the whole package of documents may take a long time and not always a successful result, so trust the professionals.

      One of the important moments is that in the process of registration of the working visa process is multistage where it is required not only legalization of documents in consulate of the Peoples Republic of China in the Russian Federation, but also the subsequent registration in China passes through some departments. All documents for working visa should be submitted through a special portal, registration on which will help our company to pass. Working visa and annual residence permit allows you to stay in the country legally and at the same time to conduct official labor activities and have no restrictions on the number of departures and entries into the country.

      The main steps for obtaining a work visa:

      1. Legalization of employee documents in the Chinese consulate in Russia;
      2. Preparation of the documents package and registration of the company’s employee with the Department of Foreign Affairs;
      3. “Work Permits” in the authorized authorities;
      4. Z visa (work visa);
      5. Registration of the “Foreign Employee Workbook”;
      6. “Residence permit” (annual visa with a work permit);
      7. A number of other activities are being carried out in parallel with the above steps.

      There are a number of requirements imposed on foreign specialists by Chinese government authorities:

      • a three-year work experience, in accordance with the company’s specifics;
      • medical certificate of health;
      • continuous work experience;
      • to have a certificate of higher education;
      • an employment contract with an employer.

      Of course, this is not the whole list of requirements, as depending on the city and district of registration there are their local peculiarities and nuances in the preparation of documents.

      Specialists of our company will help to open a working visa to China without personal presence in the embassy and without traveling to Russia. We take upon ourselves the solution of all issues related to the registration of a working visa!

      Advantages of cooperation with UGL Corporation:

      • clear guidelines on how to collect the necessary documents;
      • the client does not take part in the application;
      • does not need a personal presence at the embassy in Russia;
      • assistance in going through all registration procedures;
      • information support, consultations, in case of any questions about the package of documents;
      • no hidden fees for registration;
      • the shortest possible time for visa registration.

      Our company provides visas for employees of companies with foreign capital and representative offices in China. Considering the specifics of the language and local laws, it makes sense to use our services to quickly resolve the issue of obtaining a Chinese work visa. Ask our specialists for advice, we will help you to clarify the existing issues.

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