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      Preparation of contract and shipping documentation

      When processing the contract documentation for the delivery of goods from China, it is necessary to keep in mind the clearly defined rules and strictly adhere to them. If you have not encountered such a procedure before, we recommend you to use the services of UGL specialists, who will help you to avoid delays in delivery of goods and various bureaucratic “misunderstandings”.

      Rule No. 1 – Correct processing of shipping documents

      Please note that contracts for import from Celestial Empire must be submitted in two languages: English or Chinese, and Russian. That’s why our staff takes great care to ensure that contracts in foreign languages are drawn up correctly and that they are accurately translated into Russian. The fact is that different translations can lead to difficulties and ambiguous interpretations, which then will be difficult to solve even by court.

      Documents for registration of freely exported goods from China:

      • Contracts with the supplier – we have already described above that they should be in two languages, it is also important that the contracts specify the standards for the goods supplied under the contract, and there are specifications.
      • Invoice
      • Price list – certification of price lists must also be provided in two languages: in Russian and Chinese. We also carry out the certification procedure in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry for Foreign Economic Development).
      • Export declaration – certified along with price lists.
      • Transport agreement – it specifies the exact points of delivery not only to the country of the recipient, but also on its territory.
      • Bill of Lading – prescribes conditions of carriage of Chinese imports by sea. This document indicates the title to the goods.
      • Packing list – the registration procedure match with the invoice.
      • The certificate of conformity is “form A”.
      • A bank payment order is required to confirm that the customer has paid for the goods in accordance with the contract.
      • Other legal documents required at the customs for registration of You as a participant of foreign economic activity.

      Preparation of supporting documents for certified products

      If your goods are in the “mandatory certification” category, we will collect an additional set of documents. You can check whether imported products from China are in to the category of “obligatory for certification” in the decree № 982 from 01.12.2009 of the Russian Federation. From experience, we can say that almost all goods imported into the territory of the Russian Federation are subject to official certification, as it helps protect the rights of consumers.

      Additional documents for import from China:

      • Licenses.
      • Evidence of phytosanitary inspection.
      • Certificate and declaration of conformity to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.
      • Confirmation of state registration (especially important for medical equipment).
      • Quarantine resolution (when working with food).
      • Fire safety certificate (especially when importing wooden structures or laminate).
      • Hygiene certificate and many other things.

      Each kind of goods has its own declaration or the necessary confirmation prescribed in the regulation.

      Mistakes made by importers in processing contract documentation

      Incoterms terms are not correctly selected

      Incoterms is a certain set of rules, which specifies the basic conditions of delivery in the conduct of foreign economic activity. This document also specifies the terms necessary for drawing up contracts. In case of a conflict situation you will find mistakes in deciphering or using these terms, it may lead to additional financial costs.

      The use of illegal schemes and unscrupulous logisticians

      This mistake is considered the most serious and costly. The most popular “illegal scheme” is importing goods from China and hiding information about the cargo. Such smuggled goods can be hidden among other cargoes. This certainly helps to save a lot on transportation, but the penalty for such schemes may be complete confiscation of the cargo.

      Incorrect completion of contract documentation

      Without experience, we do not recommend the first time to collect and prepare the contract documentation by yourself. As a rule, it leads to serious problems and delays in shipment. Trust this process of registration to professionals from UGL Corporation, which has since 2005 successfully conducted a consulting business in China and has helped thousands of companies to establish uninterrupted import of goods.

      Call the numbers listed on the pages of the site or send us a request.

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