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      Quality control of goods with the inspection process

      The service “Quality control of goods for export” or import-export examination will be of interest for all entrepreneurs, especially for beginners. The activities carried out as part of the inspection guarantees the protection of customer and consumer rights.

      When starting a business with Chinese partners, it is important to make sure it is reliable. It is difficult to do it yourself, so most business owners resort to the help of specialists, such as UGL Corporation. First of all, quality control of goods in China is a reliable way to protect yourself from fraudsters or unscrupulous suppliers.

      Specialists of our company provide comprehensive support and a full range of services for quality control of goods. This process includes: coordination of the control sample, quality control as well as quantity of produced goods and packaging, control of goods when loading the product into a container and much more. In turn, the customer receives from the contractor written reports on the inspection of products within one working day of the inspection, with the mandatory provision of digital photos of products and their packaging.

      The inspection check of goods from China takes place in 3 stages

      Stage 1

      The first stage – preliminary inspection of production begins before the transfer of money deposit to the Chinese partner – control of production sites of the supplier. Our goal at this stage is to make sure that the declared information about raw materials or production is true.

      Stage 2

      In the second stage, it is necessary to agree on a reference sample not only of the finished product, but ideally of the raw material and packaging material. Our specialists do not only control at the initial stage of production, but also take samples at intermediate stages in order to control the process and, if necessary, carry out tests agreed with the customer.

      Stage 3

      The third and final stage is the control of the finished product at the production site before shipment. At this stage, a specialist of our quality control company goes to check and control both the product itself and the packaging. If necessary, with the involvement of external laboratories. In this case, the customer can finally verify the quality of the goods and be calm about the products before they are shipped to their destination. In the event that mistakes are made at this stage, measures and procedures are carried out to remedy the defects or to replace the products partially or completely.

      Levels of inspection for finished products in China

      Complete or random checks of the goods carried out by our specialists will depend on the customer’s requirements. The standard volume of products to be checked is 10% of the batch. In case of defect, this volume may be increased.

      At Chinese factories products undergo 5 mandatory tests: testing of basic functions, tests of adhesion and printing strength, barcode scanning, size and weight measurement, drop-test of the box.

      At the testing stage, all functions are inspected, i.e. as the product shows itself in operation, a simulation of normal operation is created. This allows to identify defects that manifest themselves in the course of work.

      Print Stability (if any) is a test of print resistance to different types of abrasion. Depending on type of the goods the kind of check is selected. For example, for solid products it is scraping of a logo, textile things pass the test of stability on marksmanship and a friction.

      Barcode scanning is important if the product is on the international market. Failure to comply with the markings may result in severe fines and penalties, and usually such information is strictly set out in the contract.

      Measuring weight and sizes makes it possible to compare the declared quality with the actual result. If the weight is less than specified, it indicates the use of poor quality materials. In the future, this will cause serious problems, and the finished product will not work.

      The drop-test is carried out from a certain height, depending on the size of the goods, mainly 1-1.5 meters. Such indicators simulate real conditions during transportation.

      In addition to the standard inspection at the manufacturer’s premises, there is an independent assessment of the quality of goods carried out in special laboratories. At the customer’s request, our specialists are ready to organize these procedures and provide relevant reports to an independent certified laboratory. The scope of activity of such structures, as a rule, is differentiated depending on the type, but the most common for laboratory tests are chemical industry products.

      For chemical or electrotechnical products, we examine the composition as well as the compliance with the specifications declared by the manufacturer. The procedure is as follows:

      1. After production is complete and the cargo is ready, our inspector goes to the production site and samples the batch;
      2. The batch is sealed;
      3. Selected samples are sent to the laboratory for analysis;
      4. After receiving the report from the laboratory, we translate the report and send it to the client, receive confirmation from the client and communicate the result to the manufacturer;
      5. Our inspector goes to load the batch, while taking a mandatory photo and video shoot of the process

      In this way, we can guarantee the conformity of the quality characteristics of the products before the payment of the balance payment for the goods by the customer, as well as before the shipment of goods from the production site.

      Immediately at the port of shipment of goods, in the process of customs clearance of goods, is quarantined and inspected. It is check of cargo on the basic parameters which carrying out is strictly regulated by the state. The inspector assesses the sanitary norms of the goods, the transport that will carry the goods, the conditions of transportation. Inspection of this type is necessary for the passage of goods across the border and compliance with health standards.

      Are you interested in this service or have any questions? Call us by the phones listed on the site and get detailed advice.

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