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      Expertise of real estate lease agreement in China

      The main component of any business is the rental of premises for the office. Business district, a good location near business partners opens up new prospects for doing business. Stable rent allows to optimize costs and on a long-term basis to take a favorable place in one of the modern office buildings in China.

      Taking into account the market and infrastructure development, more and more foreign investors prefer to open their offices in one of the cities of China. Concluding lease agreements always involves risks, especially in the country with a different mentality and laws. Lack of knowledge of the language and legal framework may lead to negative consequences, and rental issues are the last thing a serious entrepreneur wants to do.

      UGL Corporation provides the service of “legal expertise of real estate lease agreement in China”. The service is relevant for all owners of firms that want to rent an office in China on favorable terms.

      Rental of residential and non-residential premises is always associated with risks. For example, unreasonable claims from the landlord, the presence of additional, hidden payments and other. Most often such provisions are prescribed in the contract, but careless businessmen often do not pay attention to nuances. It is more rational to entrust the execution of documents to the specialists of UGL Corporation.

      Our specialists:

      • • provide full consultation on the lease agreement;
      • analyze possible risks that may follow after the contract is signed;
      • are checking the landlord and his rights to the premises;
      • immediately indicate and exclude hidden duties that are not clearly defined in the document;
      • examine the responsibilities of the two parties and the penalties in the event of non-compliance.

      Analysis of possible risks

      This is a mandatory stage in the conclusion of the lease agreement, which avoids the conclusion of the agreement with an unauthorized person who has no real reasons to provide premises for rent. For this purpose, we ask the landlord for a certificate of ownership of the premises or a power of attorney to lease the premises, analyze these documents, their legal purity, advise on the protection of the tenant’s rights in case of negative situations.

      The lease agreement for office space is concluded for each client individually, taking into account the specifics of his field of activity. We carefully study each contract, because a detailed study of the papers allows us to identify the pros and cons, tax and legal risks that may face the customer’s company.

      Rules for renting premises

      1. The minimum lease period for residential/non-residential premises is 1 year, it is possible to find a place to rent for 6 months, but it will require a long search.
      2. After signing the contract, the tenant makes a deposit for 2-3 months and pays the rent for the first quarter in full. It should be noted that each landlord has its own rules of payment and deposit making.
      3. The rent is paid every 3 months or once a month according to the agreement.
      4. The rent may include the management fee of the building. In business areas, the management fee is paid separately from the rent.
      5. The rent does not include the payment for utilities. The client pays the bills for light, water and office cleaning service himself.

      Signing a lease agreement for an office in China involves many risks. This is why legal expertise is carried out, which can protect the interests of the client and protect him from entering into an agreement with a dishonest landlord.

      Verification and translation of documentation is performed by our experienced legal consultants with knowledge of Chinese, English and Russian languages.

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