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      Wholesale LED lamps and luminaires from China

      As you know, under the acronym LED (English Light-emitting diode, and in Russian – LED) hides a semiconductor device that converts electrical voltage into light. In China, LED is proudly called the 4th generation light source and one of the most key technical inventions of the 20th century. The LED industry chain includes five major links: this is the production of the substrate, epitaxial plates and chips, assembly in the housing and direct application. Since 2003, the Chinese LED industry has been growing rapidly, covering almost all key links. Recently, LED devices have been very popular due to minimal power consumption, environmental friendliness, safety in use and a long service life, therefore LED lamps in bulk from China, offering high-quality and affordable LED products, have won the love of many consumers. LED lamps are used for ordinary lighting both indoors and outdoors, for illumination, for automotive lighting, as well as in monitors, television screens, etc. Chinese wholesale suppliers of goods from China are ready to offer a wide range of LED products for almost any choice and taste, and the UGL company, which has been specializing in the Chinese market for many years, is ready to take on the organization of the delivery of fixtures from China

      LED Bulbs Wholesale from China

      UGL has been supplying wholesale supplies of LED lamps and fixtures from China since 2009, and although Chinese manufacturers have faced great competition and falling demand in the past few years, many of our customers, as before, have successfully cooperated with Chinese factories, purchasing excellent products from them for subsequent implementation in their countries. “Adequate products for the price and quality!” – This is how Chinese manufacturers themselves characterize the goods of the LED industry, which makes a big bet on exports. “We undertake to deliver goods from China to Moscow in bulk cheap!” – we repeat them, offering mutually beneficial cooperation with reliable Chinese suppliers, which have proven themselves in the market, to customers from Russia and other countries of the former USSR.