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      Search for suppliers and manufacturers in China

      Services of search, selection and analysis of Chinese goods, marketing researches, processing of information on goods, manufacturers and conditions of work with them, study of the given branch of manufacture, the technical project on search.

      The purpose of this article is to tell how the specialists of UGL Corporation Limited help entrepreneurs from Russia and the CIS to find manufacturers in China. We emphasize, it is manufacturers, not suppliers, who offer products not of their own production, but manufactured by someone, that is, its cost will be higher.

      Our cooperation begins when:

      • A bilateral treaty has been concluded
      • The customer has paid a certain amount as an advance
      • Received TOR: is prepared by the customer in any form, contains comprehensive information about the planned production or products to be located in China – if it comes to deliveries.

      After all of the above conditions are present, the company’s experts begin to fulfill the contract clauses, guaranteeing the quality of work, meeting deadlines.

      How to find manufacturers/suppliers/partners in China?

      To search for manufacturers / suppliers / partners in China, we need from 10 to 15 days – workers. During this time, the company’s specialists:

      • Collect and process information related to goods and manufacturers in the right direction
      • They will discuss (in advance) with each person the possibility of cooperation, on what conditions
      • Carry out price monitoring in the industry of interest.

      Additionally, the client will receive data:

      • >About the form of ownership of the enterprise: is a legal entity or private.
      • The amount of authorized capital.
      • Volumes of production space, including the one on which the offices are located.
      • The total number of employees.
      • Annual turnover, including the price range in which the manufacturer’s products are located.
      • Possible delivery volume: minimum and maximum.
      • In what time frame the orders are executed.
      • Availability of various forms for financial settlements.
      • The packs are their complete characteristic.
      • Availability on manufacture of project and design departments.
      • About possibility to provide catalogues and samples of let out production.
      • Ongoing promotions, seasonal discounts in the product group of interest.

      In addition to the above, the customer can obtain any other information of interest to him. Besides, according to the customer’s request, the company organizes and carries out an individual visit to the enterprises which includes: acquaintance with the management, technology of production process, level of technical equipment of the factory.

      What do you pay for

      The customer pays for the following services:

      • Information about 15-30 enterprises from the industry of interest.
      • Selection of 6-12 production companies from the general list based on the best price/quality ratio and other specified criteria.
      • Information about contact details of companies: site address, telephone, fax, etc.
      • Information on the legal form of enterprises, the amount of authorized capital, number of employees.
      • Price monitoring for the whole range of goods.
      • Search for an optimal route, determining the cost of transportation and customs clearance of goods

      Criteria used to evaluate an enterprise:

      • To what scale are the activities carried out.
      • How high is the quality of the raw material base?
      • Whether the producer has experience in foreign trade?
      • How reliable the driver is?
      • Variety of the range of products.
      • Is the pricing policy used convenient for cooperation?
      • Technical equipment: level, quality.
      • Is it possible to receive goods on credit?
      • Are products certified domestically and internationally?
      • Observance of order execution deadlines.
      • Is there a license to export products?
      • What methods are used to control product quality?

      On the basis of such complete and reliable data, the question of finding a manufacturer in China is solved quickly and the cooperation is getting productive.

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