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      Goods for retail chains from China

      Since 2005, UGL Corporation has been providing marketing, consulting, transportation and other services related to doing business in China. One of the directions of the company is organization of goods supply for retail networks. When organizing direct supplies to retail chains from China, our company takes on all work related to document management and search for a counterparty. Thus, we act as a single seller from the Chinese side. In turn, we conclude all sales contracts with Chinese suppliers, as well as a single contract with you, as a buyer.

      Registration of delivery of the goods for retail networks. Stages of work

      The specialists of our company – UGL Corporation take over the next stages of work:

      1. Searching for the manufacturer. Today in China there are several hundred thousand manufacturers of different sizes. It is very difficult to orientate oneself in such variety, especially if a client has no prior experience of working with Chinese manufacturers. Our experts within a deadline of 3 to 5 days will provide you price-lists and commercial offers on the goods of your interest from our wide base of suppliers, our contacts and knowledge of the market.
      2. Signing contracts, as well as legal examination of documents. In addition to the fact that the contract should be prepared in two languages (English or Chinese, as well as Russian), it is very important to note that the contract should be legally correct, in accordance with Chinese trade law and international law. Practice and expertise in this area, as well as qualified staff allows us to solve the tasks at hand and avoid conflicts with suppliers.
      3. Production control and product quality control at the manufacturer’s factory. We will personally come to the factory to look at the working process, check production standards, evaluate the quality of products and packaging. More details about quality control can be found here.
      4. Logistics organization. We will work out not only possible delivery options, but also prepare the necessary transport and accompanying documents for the cargo.

      As you can see, using the services of our company, you are not only guaranteed to receive the ordered goods in time with all the necessary documents, but also can save time for negotiations. In this case, our company is a single “center of procurement” or “remote department of procurement” of your company in China.

      Speaking of products for retail chains, one cannot help mention the so-called “one price” products, which are very popular today around the world. Fixed or single-price stores are retail chains where goods are sold at a minimum, and most importantly, a single price. For example, “All for 100 rubles” or $ 1. In the United States of America and Europe, this format of stores has long enjoyed the attention and loyalty of local consumers, and of course Russia is no exception. We see the growth dynamics of this segment in Russia and are ready to offer a wide range of fixed price products.

      Recently we have been intensively developing this direction for retail chains of the following directions:

      • Goods for animals (from feed to accessories);
      • Goods for the bathroom, as well as various toiletries;
      • Jewelry of all kinds;
      • Kitchenware;
      • Sports equipment;
      • Small textiles (hosiery, underwear);
      • Items of floristics and decor;
      • Children’s goods;
      • Different seasonal products;
      • Decorative accessories and many other things.

      For today we offer more than 18 000 items of the goods at the price from 0,1 to 0,4 USD/unit, we give possibility to work with different manufacturers under one contract (up to 20 suppliers within one order). The assortment is updated regularly. Besides, you can order your own logo on the packaging, which will make the products unique.

      Advantages of cooperation with UGL:

      • Large Russian commercial structures trust us because we have more than 12 years of experience in Russian-Chinese trade cooperation.
      • We always personally control the quality of our products, do field inspection for production before sending the goods.
      • When working with our companies you will be assigned a dedicated Russian-speaking manager.
      • We work with major manufacturers of consumer goods, including manufacturers specializing in products for stores of the same price.
      • Our experts carry out a full range of measures for the procurement of products from China, as well as provide samples of goods.
      • If the client wishes, we can arrange the delivery of goods to his warehouse doors in Russia.
      • We do not impose our point of view on the client. Our goal is to satisfy all requirements of the customer and provide the most favorable conditions for his cooperation with Chinese manufacturers.

      If you still have any questions or business requirements, please write or call the phones listed on the pages of our website. UGL Corporation managers will consult you and help you to solve problems of any complexity level.

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