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      UGLC News

      Super production of technical fabrics in China

      At the beginning of April, our company conducted an extensive research in the field of technically functional textiles commissioned by one of our clients in Belarus. The peculiarity of this textile is that it has its own know-how among the protective textiles for building facades. It serves as protection against precipitation, temperature changes, wind fluctuations

      UGL held a webinar for Alfa Bank

      UGL held a webinar on April 6, 2021 as a part of our cooperation with Alfa Bank. The topic of the webinar was “Marketing of the Chinese market: types of research, methods and results” and the main participants were Alfa-Bank’s small and medium-sized business clients. The webinar provided information on the economic situation in China,

      Company UGL offers to buy large wholesale medical antibacterial masks. Unlike “household” protective masks, this type is suitable for use by medical professionals and provides a more serious level of protection. The product is certified; all necessary documents are available. Details about masks. Suitable for use by medical professionals (complete sterility). Antibacterial, three-layer, disposable. The

      Our Commercial Partner Nadezda took part in the Saint-Petersburgh Economic Forum – 2019. She was one of the speakers at the 4th Russia-China Business Forum. The parties discussed a side range of questions, including networking and government support for businesses in China. Very productive!

      Winter has just ended, and we have already prepared news about a range of new projects we completed the autumn of 2018 and winter of 2019! In mid-October, our company completed the registration of Huppa’s subsidiary in Beijing. Huppa is a brand of children’s clothing well-known in Europe. Everywhere where warm, high-quality clothing is required

      And here are the contacts of our representative in Shenzhen – Asema Zhulamanova. Head Office in Shenzhen honeycomb. + 8613051187652 Chinese Address: 地址 是 : 深圳 市 南山 区 兰香 一 街 2 号 海 王星辰 大厦 18 楼 Address in Russian: China, Shenzhen, Nanshan District, First Lanxian number 2, building Hansanschenchen 18 floor.

      UGLC is pleased to announce the opening of a branch in Shenzhen, which took place on December 1, 2018.     Asema Zhulamanova, who previously held the position of legal department manager in Beijing, was appointed a head of the UGLC (Shenzhen) branch.     The new office is located in the innovative-technological center of the city, most of

      The pool of our iconic clients in China is growing steadily. Summer is in full swing, as well as working with the leader of the Russian market for sparkling wines – PJSC “Abrau – Durso”. This is a new and certainly very interesting project with a team of professionals in their field, where work is

      In the first month of summer 2018, our company analyzed and prepared a detailed report on the import regime of raw materials for processing in China (tolling regime) for “PTC Vakumpak – M” company, a leading manufacturer and supplier of packaging materials for food products. To implement the tasks set by the client, we have

      In April 2018, UGL signed a contract for consulting services for a resident of the Skolkovo innovation center – GeoSplit LLC. GeoSplit helps to study the productivity of horizontal wells created by hydraulic fracturing. To do this, markers from quantum dots are entered into the well. After washing out, they are returned to the laboratory

      Our company began a registration  process of a WOFE company in the field of sports goods supply and training services for Chinese athletes. The foreign investor for this company is a Russian Hockey Academy. The approach of the Winter Olympics, which will be held in Beijing, has increased the interest of Chinese citizens in the

      UGL company made first deliveries of goods for the “summer-2018” season and sporting goods to the “Familia” retail chain. Despite the tight deadlines, during which it was necessary to complete the production of goods, our company was able to correctly establish a dialogue with Chinese suppliers and complete deliveries on time. Familia retail chain is

      UGL signed a service agreement with one of the largest Russian food holdings  – “Yanta” company, the owner of well-known brands of butter, mayonnaise and sauces. Our company will provide services for the registration of their subsidiary in Beijing. Russian oil and fat products actively explore the Chinese market, and the presence of his own

      Проведена работа по подбору сотрудника для компании АО «КДВ». Многоступенчатая система отбора, тщательный анализ и проведение нескольких собеседований с одним кандидатом – это перечень мероприятий, который позволил нам значительно снизить количество претендентов для анализа клиентом. Несмотря на очень детальный подход заказчика ко всем вопросам в рамках работы и проработку всех возможных сценариев развития событий, мы

      В рамках мероприятий по продвижению на рынке КНР дочерней компании ПАО «Трансконтейнер» в г. Шанхае, наша компания организовала презентацию, посвященную открытию «TransContainer Freight Forwarding Co. Ltd.» в г. Шанхае и круглый стол в г. Шеньчжэне. Оба мероприятия вызвали широкий интерес среди китайских партнеров этой широко известной российского логистической корпорации, позволили расширить круг китайских клиентов. Оба

      UGL company together with Poly Corporation represented by Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd., participated in the preparation and organization of the solo exhibition of the famous Russian artist Lavrenty Bruni. The exhibition was held at the Poly Art Museum in Beijing and attracted a lot of attention from the Chinese press, art lovers and

      The registration of the subsidiary of the Trading House “Akulchev” (“Akulchev”) in Shanghai has been completed. The company plans to sell made-in-Russia confectionery products on the Chinese market. Our company helped the client to register a subsidiary company with 100% foreign capital in the shortest possible time, and to issue all the necessary additional licenses

      A deal on the supply of souvenir Christmas products for the Moldovan wine producer has been completed. Attractive and inexpensive figurines symbol of the year provide an increase in sales for our client and create a positive image of the manufacturer, which cares about its customers and makes them pleasant seasonal gifts. The Department of