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      Registration of a company in Hong Kong in 7 days with account opening and nominee service

      Offshore company in Hong Kong: comfortable and safe tax-free harbour with a respectable reputation, high quality banking and financial services, comfortable tax system.

      Hong-Kong company registration process

      • Approval of the company name in English or in Chinese, or in both languages simultaneously at Companies Registry, Hong Kong

      • Signing of forms and applications by a foreign shareholder and director

      • Company Registration with Companies Registry, Hong Kong

      • Opening a bank account through an on-line interview or by personal presence of a company director for an interview in a bank

      What documents should preparea foreign founder?

      • 1Proof of the residence address of the founders and directors (scan copy of the main page of the passport and the page with the registration or driver’s license, telephone bill or utility bill)
      • 2Copies of passports of all the founders and directors
      Legal entities
      • 1Copies of company registration documents translated into English, apostilled or legalized in the country of incorporation of the parent company
      • 2Scan copy of the passport of the final beneficiary of the foreign investor
      • 3Copies of passports of directors of the HK company
      • 4Proof of the residence address of the directors of the HK company
      For legal entities and individuals
      • 1Information on the planned activities of the company, including data on the scope of activities and goods/services, company turnover, clients and suppliers of the company, etc.
      • 2Shares of the shareholders and their positions in the company
      • 3Amount of share capital/li>

      Account opening for a Hong Kong company:

      We can guarantee to open an account even before the company registration documents are submitted. Learn more…

      The list of our partner banks includes:
      Bank of China, Citi Bank, DBS, HSBC, BEA, ICBC, ABC, Hang Seng, Unibank и другие.

      Account opening service – for citizens of the Russian Federation and CIS countries, as well as for nominee directors.

      Accounting and audit services for companies incorporated in Hong Kong

      in 18 months after the start of operations (account transactions) the company must be audited. You can choose one of the following accounting methods:

      Accrual basis accounting
      Accrual basis accounting

      Method of accrual is based on future income. If a company practices payment deferrals and needs to prepare an audit that reflects the most complete picture, it is necessary to do the audit in this way. This is an accounting method that meets the requirements of Hong Kong legislation. The cost of this audit is more expensive and it requires more time to prepare, it is applied in case the company wants to create a credit history.

      Сash basis accounting
      CASS basis accounting

      Cash method of accounting for income and expenses in accounts; recording income and expenses in accounts only when they are received and paid (regardless of the period to which they relate), when the cut-off time is December31st.

      If the company didn’t have any business activities (there were no operation reflected in bank accounts of the company), then zero tax returns are filed.

      Accounting services in the Hong Kong from UGL Corporation Limited:

      The cost of services depends on the turnover of the company and the number of operations on the account

      • Keeping records of payments and workflow
      • Work with primary documentation
      • Preparethe quarterly and annual balance sheets and P&L
      Additional service
      • Providing forms of contracts, invoices and specifications for various types of activities (trade, services, transportation)
      • Communication with banks on behalf of a client
      • Solving issues of problem payments

      Applying for offshore status

      A Hong Kong company is exempt from income tax if it operates outside of Hong Kong and therefore has a source of income outside of Hong Kong. After submitting the audit reports to Hong KongIRD, it will check the audit and if the income is reflected in the FS, IRD will certainly ask to prove that it was not received in the territory of Hong Kong. In this case you should apply to offshore status and carry out the procedure of tax-free status proof otherwise the income tax in the amount of

      – 16.5% will be applied. Our company has a vast experience in proving the offshore status for our clients, we usually answer the first letter from IRD in details in order to avoid the second round of questions.

      Learn more…

      Ask a questionhow to avoid “letters of happiness from IRD”

      Доказательство безналогового статуса

      Additional services for our customers:

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      Why us?

      • We’ve been working for over 15 years.

        Continuously running offshore companies for over 15 years

      • Major banks

        Working with leading banks in Hong Kong, China, Singapore

      • Complex cases

        Implementation of projects with participation of more than 10 companies in the organizational structure of the group

      • 150+ registrations

        Over 150 registrations in offshore jurisdictions

      • 20+ persons

        Professional staff of Russian and Chinese employees

      • On a turn-key basis

        Provision of turn-key service

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