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      Label certification for export to China

      To sell imported products in the territory of China, it is necessary to comply with a number of rules, including the certification of products that are divided into preliminary and imported.

      UGL specializes in providing services for exporters and offers our assistance in importing products to China, including label certification. In order to ensure the quality and safety of imported food products in China, we have implemented a multi-level supervision system for imported food products. In particular, PRC legislation stipulates that foreign products first imported into China must undergo a preliminary safety check and receive a certificate for the label. The current PRC customs legislation stipulates that the import of food products into China is allowed only if a label certificate is present.

      Which authority to apply for label certification?

      This procedure is performed by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of PRC (“AQSIQ”). Before registering a label for a particular product, the importer must submit a series of documents to the AQSIQ indicating the necessary information on the imported products. The AQSIQ, upon receipt of the data, enters the information into a special register and assigns them its registration number by which all future deliveries of products will be registered. In addition, this registration number will be specified in the customs declaration and on the AQSIQ label certification application form.

      How is the label registration procedure going?

      1. Submission of documents in Chinese to the AQSIQ office at the checkpoint;
      2. Creating label data files in Chinese in a special registry;
      3. Getting a registration number in the AQSIQ system for imported products;
      4. Receiving “Permits for the label of imported products”.

      Without a registered structure in the territory of the People’s Republic of China, the exporter cannot submit documents on his own. What can be done in this case?

      1. Use the services of a specialized company – UGL
      2. Find a Chinese importer who can register the label.

      What are the requirements for registering a product label in China?

      1. Content. The label must contain a certain list of information (name, brand of the product, list of ingredients, date of manufacture, manufacturer, distributor, importer, country of origin, expiry date, etc.).
      2. Feeding time. Documents for label certification must be submitted no later than 1.5 – 2 months before the date of arrival of the cargo to China Customs. If the label is not applied to the package, but printed on it, the application for label certification should be submitted in advance before the start of production.
      3. Registration of each product type. The label should be designed for each individual product type, even if the product differs only in weight or capacity.
      4. Indication of importer/distributor data on the territory of China, etc.

      The PRC legislation also establishes a number of rules and requirements for the list of documents and materials, as well as the form of application for label certification. These rules differ depending on the product type. For example, the product should not contain any ingredients prohibited in the PRC. A difficulty may also arise if ingredients are not prohibited, but they are not on the list of allowed ingredients. Or ingredients are allowed for food products, but are not included in the list of allowed for beverages or alcoholic beverages.

      Specialists of UGL Corporation Ltd. are aware of all the latest requirements of the legislation of the People’s Republic of China on certificate labels, as well as know the nuances and features of the procedure for different types of goods. At the same time, if you do not yet have a permanent importer or distributor in China, but you already want to register a label now – no problem, we will help you with this task.

      UGL company provides its clients with a full range of services related to import into China, including fulfillment of all necessary formalities, assistance in forming the package of documents, consulting at all stages.

      Independent performance of the procedures connected with registration of a label on the imported goods is rather resource-consuming and time-consuming, therefore the most optimal solution is to entrust this task to experienced professionals of UGL company, who already more than 12 years successfully perform for their clients from Russia and CIS countries the whole complex of services in import operations.

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