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      Brand Development in China

      The Chinese market is constantly changing and as the income level of the population grows, the number of new consumers and customers who are looking for products and services, including foreign ones, is growing. According to the latest marketing research in China, there are about 800 million Internet users, which opens up opportunities for manufacturers and sellers of goods and services to use various ways to promote their brand through the global network.

      UGL Corporation Ltd. I am pleased to provide our clients with brand promotion services using the most effective and most sought-after Internet marketing tools. Below we list the main areas in the framework of increasing brand awareness in the Chinese market:

      1. Brand promotion through social networks.

      It is known that 91% of Chinese online users have an account on social networks. Every day, Chinese users spend an average of 46 minutes on social network activity and more than 38% buy goods and services, guided by information obtained from social networks. Such data suggests high efficiency in the promotion of goods and services through this channel.

      Our company provides brand promotion services in the largest Chinese social networks Weibo and WeChat. Weibo provides microblogging services that are analogous to Facebook and Twitter. The Weibo social network has over 300 million registered users. WeChat – a mobile application that provides instant messaging services, is analogous to WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber. The number of WeChat users has already exceeded 700 million. Such popularity of social networks opens up ample opportunities for local and foreign manufacturers to promote their products or services and use these channels for Internet marketing.

      The company UGL in the framework of branding in social networks provides services for the registration of the official account of the company and its post-registration service. Account management is provided on the condition that all published materials are provided and agreed by the customer. Information can be provided in both Chinese and Russian with subsequent translation into Chinese by specialists of our company.


      In turn, we can offer the use of the following advertising tools for promotion in Chinese social networks:

      • marketing research and setting targeted advertising to the target audience, which will increase its effectiveness;
      • publication of news of your company, thanks to which your brand will become more recognizable for consumers;
      • placing advertisements to promote specific products / services;
      • informing consumers about new products, promotions, offers;
      • review and tracking of statistical indicators (the number of “likes”, “reposts”), preparation of summary reports based on the analysis.

      Using the most popular social networks to promote your brand will attract new customers, as well as raise awareness of products or services.

      2. Brand promotion through search engines.

      Our company also provides a range of brand promotion services using Chinese search engines. We work with the largest search engine in China – Baidu, which is an analogue of Google or Yandex. Baidu is also the most popular search engine in the Middle Kingdom, which processes more than 3 billion queries every day and occupies more than 80% of the Chinese SEO market.

      Specialists of the UGL company will do:

      • development of a landing page in Chinese, which will meet the requirements of user interface convenience, web design, localization, domain registration, and web hosting, as well as SEO parameters to maximize your site traffic by Chinese consumers.
      • organization of cooperation with Baidu in terms of indexing the website in a search engine, obtaining the status of a certified company (V). Our services include negotiating and signing contracts with Baidu.
      • additional internet marketing tools: contextual advertising, placing banners, links, advertising messages, etc.

      Promotion of a foreign brand through search engines will allow more than half a billion Chinese Internet users to find your products and services on Baidu.

      3. Brand promotion through virtual trading platforms.

      Given the rapid growth of the online shopping segment in China, our specialists are ready to offer brand promotion services through electronic trading platforms (for example Tmall, Taobao, JD, etc.). These are the largest e-commerce sites that will open up horizons for a very wide range of consumers. Taobao platform is designed for C2C work scheme and is suitable for work for individual entrepreneurs and small business owners. The Tmall platform is focused on the B2C scheme and is more often used by owners of medium and large businesses. Of course, these are the leaders of Internet commerce in China, but the number of similar resources is constantly growing, segmenting the market in certain areas.

      Depending on the specifics of the product or service, we will be able to select the most appropriate promotion channel for you. Specialists of the UGL company will help:

      • develop and register your personal online store (storefront) for selling goods to Chinese consumers. To start you will need information about the company and a description of the products you plan to sell. If you have any suggestions for developing an individual store design, then you can attract programmers to solve this problem.;
      • content development and fill with necessary data after consultation with the customer;
      • store administration, statistics tracking, preparation of summary reports based on analysis.

      UGL offers the most modern and advanced brand promotion methods that allow you to advertise and promote products to millions of consumers in a new market. Modern online platforms allow you to use a large number of services for free, and also offer differentiation of fees and charges for paid services, which allows you to choose the most economical way to promote. Market segmentation and target marketing can increase the effectiveness of advertising and increase the number of sales. Therefore, if you are ready to step on the path of successful trade expansion into the Chinese market through the competent use of innovative advertising services, we are always happy to help in this matter. On our website you can always write to us in the chat, leave a request or call us, we are waiting for you!

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