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      Company registration in Hong Kong

      Hong Kong has one of the most prosperous economiesin the world today. It is largely due to the fact that this special administrative region of China provides the highest possible protection of information on business activities for businesses. Therefore we are seeing many of our clients increasingly thinking of opening an offshore company in Hong Kong.

      About the registration of Hong Kong offshore companies, we would like to show that this is a real opportunity for you and your business to get a good start on the world business arena.

      Why are offshore companies so popular?

      An offshore company allows owners to optimize taxes, but at the same time they can it can cooperate with reputedable banks, for enterprises there is no currency control.

      It is important that a Hong Kong offshore is not a classic offshore in the literal sense of the word. The company remains “white” in spite of its status, as it is the responsibility of the firm to maintain accounting records, as well as to conduct an audit 18 months after registration. Our company provides clients with services in accounting and auditing in Hong Kong.

      Hong Kong, as a financial nerve center, offers great opportunities for foreign investors. Developed infrastructure, advanced banking system, stable political situation provides a conducive environment for growth of business.

      Advantages of offshore companies in Hong Kong:

      • the ability to “hide” information about real directors and shareholders by issuing a trust declaration;
      • no levy of income tax that was received outside the administrative district;
      • the opportunity to become a client of large banks in Hong Kong;
      • residents of Russia do not need a visa to visit Hong Kong. Visa-free stay in the administrative district for 14 days;/li>
      • quick registration procedure;
      • the ability to work with all countries of the world without currency control restrictions.

      To register or not to register?

      As you can see, registering a company in Hong Kong completely exempts a foreign investor from paying all kinds of taxes. You should agree that to register an offshore company in Hong Kong is a good incentive. Specialists of our company UGL Corporation will help you with this procedure!

      As an alternative to registering from scratch, you can also buy a ready-made company. In our database there will always be companies that have been on
      the shelf or have already conducted activities and passed audits, as well as ready-made companies with accounts opened with prestigious banks in Hong Kong. We provide information support and take care of all the work with documents and design. Due to the language barrier and some special traits of the Hong Kong legal system, it makes sense to entrust the registration of an offshore company to specialists, this makes the process quick and understandable.Our staff includes professional translators from English, Russian and Chinese, experienced legal consultants who will help you organize the work of the client’s company as quickly as possible, and who have been familiar with this procedure since 2005.

      Types of Offshore Companies

      Closed joint-stock company with limited liability – is the main type for doing business in China. Such a model is relevant in the international trade and investment market.

      When creating an offshore company, the government sets minimum requirements:

      • the original company name;
      • at least one director is an individual;
      • having one shareholder;
      • the secretary;
      • local address.

      The share capital in the amount of 10 thousand Hong Kong dollars must be designated, but it is not necessary to contribute.

      Let’s take a closer look at the features of creating an offshore company in Hong Kong

      1. Shareholder

      A legal or natural person may act as a shareholder of an enterprise. Anonymity function is available, but subject to nominal service.

      2. Director

      One natural person may act as a director, legal entities may be directors and the Board of Directors may be established. Anonymity is available, but a nominal director will be required.

      3. Secretary

      Responsibilities include maintaining firm documents, organizing meetings, providing information on request, and providing addresses and telephone numbers. An offshore company requires only one secretary, who is a legal or natural person. A legal entity must have a local, officially registered office, and a natural person must reside in Hong Kong with a local residence permit.

      4. Financial documents

      Reporting documentation is stored at the address that the customer selects. It can be his legal address or any other choice. Our specialists submit financial reports on the state of the company to the Hong Kong Revenue Service. No financial statements are submitted to other institutions.

      5. Registration fees

      A company fee is charged at registration and every year to renew its business license.

      Of course, you could have many questions, which is why we provide free advice and are ready to answer all your questions. Call or email us. UGL Corporation is your reliable partner in the Hong Kong and PRC markets.

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