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      Secretarial services in Hong Kong

      According to the Hong Kong Companies Act (Company Ordinance), each company registered in Hong Kong, in the absence of its own office, is required to have, in addition to the shareholder and director, a local secretary. The secretary of a company registered in Hong Kong may be:

      • Hong Kong resident individual;
      • а legal entity that has a registered office in Hong Kong.

      Working in the field of registration of offshore companies in Hong Kong since 2005, our company is UGL Corporation Ltd. confidently ready to offer my assistance in secretarial services in Hong Kong.

      The main task of our company secretary service specialists is to fulfill a number of requirements of the Companies Ordinance regarding the mandatory formalities of a company registered in Hong Kong:

      1. Providing the company with a legal address, telephone and fax.
      2. Services for receiving official correspondence addressed to the company, letters from its service bank in Hong Kong.
      3. Receiving and transmitting to the client information from the tax authorities of Hong Kong, customs, counterparties who want to check the reputation of the company and other official information received by the client.
      4. Preparation and submission of the annual report on the state of the company (Annual Return).
      5. Registration and annual renewal of a business license of a company (BR).
      6. Receipt and transfer to the client of tax returns for the company, directors and employees of the company.
      7. Submission of an audit report to the tax authorities of Hong Kong.
      8. Registration of changes associated with an increase or decrease in the share capital of the company.
      9. Preparation and submission for registration of documentation on changes in the composition of the company’s management (directors, secretaries, shareholders).

      It should be noted that in accordance with the norms of the current legislation of Hong Kong, all the above formalities are mandatory, and the law sets clear deadlines for non-compliance with which entails the legal liability of the company and its officers. In this regard, the selection of the right secretaries who provide services at a high professional level will ensure your company complies with local laws, timely submission of reports, creating a good business reputation and the absence of problems associated with state penalties and fines.

      In addition, the following functions may also be included in our duties of the company secretary at the request of the client:

      1. Receiving business correspondence (customer requests, letters from contractors, etc.).
      2. Fulfillment of customer orders for representing the interests of the company in official institutions.
      3. Organization and participation in the meetings of the founders of the company.
      4. Registration of the trust declaration (preparation and approval of a draft with the client according to the tasks of the client and its notarization)
      5. Apostille of documents in Hong Kong (coordination and preparation of the necessary package for the purposes of registering a subsidiary, representative office or opening an account with a bank).
      6. Registration of a power of attorney in Hong Kong (general power of attorney, power of attorney to open an account, to purchase shares, etc.).
      7. Bank account opening services in Hong Kong and other countries of the client’s choice.

      Registration of a secretary company is carried out by entering data into the Charter of the company and, as a rule, we do this at the registration stage. If the client transfers to us from another secretary company, we reflect this information in the company register. Information about company secretaries, as well as information about directors, shareholders, the amount of the authorized capital, must be entered into the Companies Register of Hong Kong and is available upon request.

      It should be noted that since 2005, UGL has been providing ongoing support, as well as providing secretarial services for more than 100 companies in Hong Kong and other offshore jurisdictions, this list is constantly growing. Our clients include both large corporations and groups of companies, as well as individual companies aimed at working with Asian markets. The stability of the service and the efficiency of the solution in the case of non-standard cases evokes the trust of our customers, which allows us to open new horizons for development. We will help your business to feel comfortable in the markets of Hong Kong and China.

      If you still have questions, write to us a chat, leave a request at or a call-back request.

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