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      Business consulting in China

      We will help you to solve any problem that your business face in China. We will provide you with a basic response in just one hour.

      Business consulting

      Business consulting will help to solve numerous issues fora foreign company entering the Chinese market. Written consultation prepared by our company specialists on tax, labor and corporate law in China will allow you to get detailed information on these topics. Our specialists are ready to hold basic verbal consultations with you in Beijing and Moscow for free.

      • Average time to prepare a written consultation: from 3 to 15 working days;
      • Average time to consult on the contract issues: from 3 to 7 working days.

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      Business Consulting Services in Chinа

      Tax Consulting

      Guided by market trends and needs of our clients, we advise on the of taxation issues for theforeign companies having subsidiaries registered in China, including the simplified system of taxation and an ordinary taxpayer system of taxation with of VAT refund. Weighing the pros and cons of each system, we help the client to choose the scheme of work acceptable for him.

      We prepare written consultations on the agreement “On avoidance of double taxation and prevention of tax evasion with respect to income taxes”, consult on income tax for the right to use the trademark under the license agreement and many other issues.

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      Employment law consulting

      Recently, labor disputes became quite common among both Chinese and foreign employees in China. Labor laws have many pitfalls to consider for any foreign company. These include the issues of concluding an employment contract and calculating wages, payments to social funds and obligatory medical insurance payments, optimizing the payment of wages and issues on employees’dismissalor reduction of employees. The practice of our work in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other cities allows us to solve problems of different complexity for the successful business of our clients, we provide advice and protection needed for every foreign company .

      In addition, we provide services on recruitment of Chinese employees in the field of accounting, sales, logistics for foreign companies and can outsource HR work or can help to organize the work of the HR department.

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      Legal Consulting

      Our employees and partners have extensive experience and extensive legal practice. In addition to our own staff, we cooperate with several Chinese law firms that are partners of our company.

      The range of our services includes:

      • Checking the reputation of Chinese companies
      • Assistance in the preparation and legal review of various contracts
      • Assistance in pre-trial proceedings with Chinese partners

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      Financial Consulting

      Our knowledge of Chinese specifics and good contacts with local and foreign banks, Chinese export insurance company Sinosure and large export companies allow us to offer export financing services for the goods exported from China. All clients undergo a very strict selection for compliance with a number of requirements, which is carried out by both our specialists and independent agencies. In case of a positive decision, the average time to establish a short-term credit limit for a foreign importer with an open account of 90 – 120 calendar days is usually not more than a month from the start of work.

      Our company will help you in carrying out negotiations with the Chinese suppliers on clarification of the given scheme of work for export financing, and also in preparation of the documents necessary for the establishing of a credit limit for the importer.

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      Marketing research

      Recently, due to the sweeping development of Chinese imported products market and growth of middle class in China, foreign businessmen have been offered new opportunities to export from foreign countries to China. We can see that, not only raw materials such as timber and coal are exported, but also foodstuffs, cosmetics, some types of equipment and construction materials, i.e. goods that require certain market positioning. In this case, it is necessary to conduct marketing research to understand what price category the product will belong to, what target audience it should be designed for, what market share it will be able to occupy, what advertising methods are better to use to achieve maximum effect. Our company has accumulated considerable experience in marketing, we have accomplished a large number of research, among them there are food products, vine, cosmetics, medical equipment, transport logistics, retail and many other fields.

      You can choose from our ready-made research or order us a new researchwhich will be custom made for you.

      The main areas of our research:

      • Transportation and logistics industry
      • Petroleum products and petrochemicals
      • Round timber and woodworking products
      • Industrial machinery
      • Medical equipment
      • Industrial products
      • Food stuff and drinks, including alcohol
      • Jewellery and raw materials for them

      Average time to prepare a market research: from 5 to 30 business days.

      Registration of intellectual property rights

      Whether you are already working with China or not, your trademark can already be registered in the local market without your knowledge. To avoid such “surprises”, we recommend that you register your intellectual property rights in China in advance.

      Our team can solve quite difficult problems connected with priority of using the trade mark, buying a trade mark using the third party in order to avoid an overpricing. We can also register author’s rights and patens in China and Hong Kong. We do a detailed trade mark search which helps us to reduce the risks of rejecting of the application.

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      We are ready to assist you with the registration of:
      • Trade mark
      • Patent for invention
      • Patent for utility model
      • Design patent / design

      Launch of foreign products on the PRC market

      In recent years, many foreign companies have been enteringinto the Chinese market with their own products in order to wholesale in China. The process of promoting foreign products requires significant time and labor costs if you start from a zero level in a little-known Chinese market. Specialists of our company are constantly working to promote various groups of foreign products in China and are ready to help on many issues, namely:

      • 1
        Marketing (price policy analysis, product positioning)
      • 2
        Preparation of commercial offer for Chinese market
      • 3
        Searching for potential buyers
      • 4
        Negotiations with interested buyers, discussing the price and delivery terms (wholesalers, distributors)
      • 5
        Drawing up and review of contracts
      • 6
        Product Certification (cosmetic products, medical equipment, electrical appliances, tires)
      • 7
        Certification of the label of the imported products
      • 8
        Acceptance of goods in China
      • 9
        Brand development and brand promotion services in social networks in China
      • 10
        Registration on electronic trading platforms of China (T-mall, T-mall Global, JD, Taobao)

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