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      Product Certification for Export to China

      The product certification service in China is intended for customers who intend to sell their products in China, for products with certification requirements.

      UGL has years of experience and knowledge in product certification in China. Our specialists are aware of the most current rules and quality requirements for different types of goods, as well as the requirements for obtaining various types of certificates for a particular product.
      Among our clients are manufacturers of medical equipment, such as the leading company producing digital X-rays NIPK “Electron”, cosmetics manufacturers, including NPO “ForaFarm” and a number of other Russian and foreign companies, whose products are successfully sold in the Chinese market.

      PRC legislation sets strict rules on the quality and safety of products, including those that enter the Chinese market from foreign countries. Some types of goods (packaged food, personal care products) are subject to mandatory inspection upon arrival in China. Certain groups of goods must be accompanied by certificates recognized by the Chinese government. For example, to export most foodstuffs to China, it is necessary to have a certificate of origin, a sanitary certificate and a certificate of date of bottling (for drinks). Cosmetic products, medicines and food additives must be certified by the China Food and Drug Administration. CCC (China Compulsory Certificate) is required for the export of most types of electrical appliances, motorized vehicles and spare parts, household chemicals and children’s products.

      Goods that cannot pass the necessary inspections or that are not accompanied by the necessary certificates can be confiscated or returned without authorization to the customs territory of China. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the goods to be delayed at customs points and for the goods to be denied entry. This is due to the fact that foreign suppliers do not know the norms of the current legislation of China and send the goods without a certificate, wrongly believing that the goods are not subject to mandatory pre-certification.

      In order to avoid the trouble of returning or confiscating the goods by Chinese Customs, our company helps customers to work out the certification of products to be exported before delivery.

      How to properly certify products in China?

      1. To begin with, it is necessary to determine whether the exported product is subject to mandatory certification;

      2. The next step is to find out which type of certification applies to the given product;

      3. To carry out a number of activities aimed at obtaining the required certificate, including:

      • filing an application,
      • providing samples for inspection by certification authorities,
      • collection and translation into Chinese of the necessary manufacturer documentation.

      Only after obtaining the necessary certificate can the delivery of specific lots of goods be planned.

      For China, quality, metrology, food safety, certification and standardization of goods is the responsibility of the State Administration of China for Quality Control, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ).

      You can order from UGL certification services for your products that you plan to export to China.

      Our specialists will provide you with the necessary information:

      1. Whether your product is subject to certification,
      2. what specific type of certificate and/or certificates will be required,
      3. which package of documents you need to assemble to obtain a certificate.

      Also our company provides assistance in passing all formal procedures for obtaining the necessary certificates for imported products in China. In addition, UGL specialists will consult you on the list of necessary documents for successful customs clearance of goods.

      The cost of obtaining a certificate depends on the type of certificate as well as the type of product to be certified. The time frame for obtaining this document also depends on the specifics of the product, but on average takes from 3 to 6 months.

      By applying to UGL for the services of obtaining certificates for goods exported to China, you eliminate the risks associated with the admission of your products to the Chinese market and thus save your time and financial resources.

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