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      Company registration anywhere in China in 60 days

      A professional team of Russian and Chinese employees will help to register the structure in China for both trading and production purposes, as well as provide advice on related issues of labor and tax law, which will allow you to choose the right vector of development in unfamiliar jurisdiction.

      Types of companies you can register:

      or Legal form of presence of your business in China

      Company with 100% foreign capital (WOFE)

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      Representative office of a foreign
      company in China

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      Joint Venture

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      Description of process

      of WOFE incorporation in China

      • Approval of the name of the companyby the Administration of Industry and CommerceTerm – 10 business days

      • Notification of Statistics and Tax AdministrationTerm – 1 business days

      • Registration of “Confirmation on company registration” in a branch of the Ministry of CommerceTerm – 3 business day

      • Account openingTerms of registration – 20 business days

      • Obtaining the Business licensefor a company with foreign capital from the Administration of Industry and CommerceTerm – 7 business days
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      List of documents

      for WOFE registration

      • Registration documents of a foreign investor legalized at a consular office of the People’s Republic of China in the country of issue; or a copy of a foreign investor’s passport legalized at a consular office of the People’s Republic of China in the country of issue.
      • The decision to establish a company with 100% foreign capital, if the number of directors in the investor company is more than one, legalized at the consular office of the PRC in the country of issue of this document
      • Office lease agreement, copy of the certificate for ownership of this office premises
      • Copy of ID card/passport of legal representative of the WOFE company in China
      • The rest of the documents including the Articles of Association, orders for appointment of the management of the subsidiary, applications and other forms will be prepared by UGL employees and translated into your language before signing. All forms and documents necessary for WOFE registration in China should be prepared in Chinese.

      Main costs in the process of company incorporation

      • 1Reference letter from the bank on the reputation of the parent company (needed for Representative offices only): 25 to 50 USD according to bank’s tariffs
      • 2Legalization of documents on the territory of the foreign state: the approximate cost is USD 1000
      • 3Making stamps in China: 100 USD
      • 4Stamp duty on the amount of the rental agreement for one year: 1‰, example of calculation: 6480 * 1/1000 = 6,48
      • 5Registration of the status of an ordinary taxpayer and registration of the status of participant in foreign economic activity: 800 USD
      • 6Consultant services in China Request the cost of UGL services
      This calculation includes all costs at the stage of incorporation of the company, but does not include the lease of an office and the following operating expenses such as employee salaries, taxes, accounting services, etc.

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      Accounting services and audit in PRC

      After the registration process is completed and your WOFE company is ready for business,
      we are here to take on all issues related to the maintenance of the company and accounting services in any city in China, including:

      • Timely preparation and submission of accounting reports

      • Compiling accounting books with originals of primary documents

      • Completion and submission of monthly and quarterly tax returns

      • Calculation of the individual income tax for Chinese and foreign employees

      • Calculation and control of payment of income tax and other necessary taxes by the Customer’s company

      • Preparation of documents for annual audit

      • Control of payments to social insurance funds and obligatory medical insurance for Chinese and foreign employees
      Stages of work
      • 1Our Customer transfersthe primary documents and bank statements to our specialists
      • 2Verification and control of primary documents
      • 3Preparing the financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss report)
      • 4Filling in tax returns (VAT, income tax, personal income tax)
      • 5Preparing and printing of tax invoices
      • 6Submitting data to tax authorities

      Advantages of working with us in accounting services

      • Translation of reports and primary documents into foreign language

      • Optimization of taxation in a group of companies

      • Calculation of taxes and payments to social funds for company employees

      • Consultations on accounting of PRC

      • Operating in Kingdeer, UFIDA etc. accounting systems

      Flexible payment system depending on the company’s turnover and number of operations

      • Package “First steps”
        from 0 to 10 operations
        per month
      • Рackage “Start”
        from 10 to 50 operations
        per month
      • Package “Development”
        51 to 100 operations
        per month
      • Package “Growth”
        from 101 to 150 operations
        per month
      • Package “Prosperity”
        from 151 to 200 operations
        per month
      After the end of the financial year, our specialists will help to prepare the audit report.

      Cost of service

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      Why us?

      • more than 15 years

        of experience in the legal sphere of China

      • 3 countries

        Presence in 3 countries PRC, Russian Federation and Kazakhstan

      • 5 provinces

        Real presence in 5 provinces of PRC

      • 80+ registrations

        Over 80 WOFE registrations in PRC

      • 20 people

        Professional staff of Russian and Chinese employees

      • turn-key service

        Provision of turn-key service

      • highest category

        5 accountants and auditors of the highest category

      Our clients