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      Company registration in China

      Registration of a company with 100% foreign capital

      Are you planning to cooperate with Chinese manufacturers? Did you decide to register your company in China? Then you should definitely ask for help from the specialists of UGL Corporation.

      And that’s why!

      Everybody knows that foreign investments are welcomed in China and that it is at the expense of foreign companies that China has earned an honorable place in the world factory. However, not all areas of business are accessible to foreign capital – according to Chinese legislation, the presence of foreign companies in the Chinese market in some industries is limited or completely prohibited. But, what to do if the Chinese direction is a priority? The answers of our specialists can be found further in the text.

      Stage I – trust professionals

      Given that the legislation of the PRC is familiar to a small number of entrepreneurs, questions on the registration of the company is better to entrust professionals.

      UGL Corporation offers the service “Registration of a company with 100% foreign capital” in China. Practical experience of more than 12 years, more than 80 companies registered in China, accounting services for more than 30 companies at a time and constant expansion of the range of services allows us to register a company in China in the minimum time according to the goals and objectives of our client.

      Stage II – to learn the features of entrepreneurial activity in China

      To carry out trade, production and any other type of activity aimed at making profit in the territory of China, the most optimal option for a foreign investor is to create an enterprise with 100% foreign capital.

      When registering a company with 100% foreign capital, the main issue is the size of the authorized capital. It directly depends on the scope of the company. The authorized capital is calculated on the basis of costs at the initial stage of activity until the company reaches the self-sufficiency point. After completion of registration procedures, the Authorized Capital can be spent on the functioning of the company, that is, payment of office space, payment of salaries to staff and other needs of the company.

      How is the registration of an enterprise by our specialists?

      1. The first stage is the approval of the name of the company to be established in China by registration authorities.
      2. This is followed by registration with the Ministry of Commerce and obtaining a business license from the Commercial and Industrial Administration.
      3. This is followed by post-registration procedures and opening a bank account.

      In spite of the fact, that the whole process met only three points, the real term of these procedures takes on average about 2 (two) months, not including consular legalization and certification of documents of a foreign investor.

      We warn our clients in advance, that it is necessary to obtain permits or licenses in certain business areas. In addition, when registering a company in the field of industrial activity it is necessary to obtain an environmental permit, with which our specialists are also familiar firsthand.

      Important! Some activities are not available or limited to foreign investors. For example, education, media, extractive industries and some others. For a complete list of areas, please contact our manager. There is a penalty for non-compliance with registration standards and for going beyond the scope of the company’s activities! In other words, ignorance of the law does not exempt you from liability and You are obliged to engage only in those types of business activities that are specified in the business license.

      Specialists of our company are familiar with the subtleties and many nuances of registration of foreign companies in different cities of China – Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Urumqi, Qingdao, Dalian, Ningbo and many others. Despite the fact, that the rules of registration are the same throughout China, each province has its own nuances, so the large practice of our company will help to smoothly carry out the registration of companies in almost any city in China.

      Advantages of registering a company in China

      Despite the difficulties, opening a company has several advantages.

      • Legal business activity in the territory of the PRC;
      • Possibility to carry out legal import and export activity;
      • Registration of official tax documents on behalf of Your company;
      • Any customs procedures are allowed;
      • Possibility to carry out all trade operations (purchase, sale);
      • Organization of own production is available;
      • Foreign exchange operations are available;
      • Crediting from Chinese banks is available;
      • Employment of local residents and foreigners is available;
      • Official opening of visa for residence and work in the PRC for foreign workers.
      • Registered foreign companies are not subject to strict control by public authorities.

      In addition to this, entrepreneurs from Russia are opening their business in an economically developed country with a stable exchange rate. In China, the financial and transport sector is quite developed, against the background of a neutral political situation, the client does not risk investing money opening an office or production.

      UGL Corporation conducts registration of companies with foreign capital, taking into account all the features of Chinese legislation. Competent legal support from our side will allow you to establish trade or production activities and bring your company to the international level. You can always ask us a question and get advice from specialists with many years of experience in this area.

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