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      Legal Consulting in China

      UGL has been providing legal consulting services to our business clients for over 12 years. We have a significant advantage over other consulting companies, as we have been present in the market for a long time and have a great experience in practical application of Chinese laws.

      The main services that our company offers as part of legal consulting are:

      1.  China Corporate Law Advice
      2. Consultations on the registration of companies in China
      3. Consultations on the establishment of representative offices in China
      4. Tax advice
      5. Group taxation advice
      6. Advice on labor law
      7. Legal examination of contracts
      8. Checking counterparties (reputation, financial condition, due diligence)
      9. Participation in resolving disputes with suppliers

      Below are some of the details:

      1. Corporate Law Advice:

      Designed for companies that have decided to register a structure in China or Hong Kong, or have already registered their subsidiaries here, the range of issues covers the management structure, including the relationship between the parent and subsidiary, the main provisions to be contained in the Charter of the firm, restrictions on certain activities, information on the need for licenses, etc.

      2. Consultations on the registration of companies in China:

      Before registering a company or representative office, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of what documents will need to be prepared by the parent structure, the timing of the registration and the specifics of the procedure, all of which we reflect in detail in our consultations, making the registration process more understandable and easily controlled by the parent companies. Another important point is the registration of foreign employees in the company or representative office, this information you can also get by requesting it from our company.

      3. Tax advice

      Information on Chinese taxes provided by our company is in demand both by companies having structures in China and by our clients doing business with Chinese partners. The presence of experienced accountants and tax consultants in our company allows us to keep abreast of changes in tax rates, which gives our clients opportunities for additional tax optimization.

      4. Advice on labor law

      The experience of our company shows that the stability of labor relations and the absence of disputes between the employee and the employer largely depends on the literacy of the preparation and execution of labor documentation. We recommend our clients not to disregard the advice of our specialists at the stage of hiring employees and to prepare employment contracts with the help of our company.

      5. Development of draft agreements and their legal expertise

      Our specialists will carry out for you the development of all necessary contracts taking into account the specifics of your business, internal business processes of your company. Such contracts are commonly referred to as “standard”, as the development of their basic conditions is performed once with subsequent use as a template for all standard operations and transactions. Also in the course of business activities often there is a need to perform legal and expert analysis of draft agreements and contracts provided by counterparties. Our specialists will not only carry out for you the check of such projects on conformity to the current local legislation, but also will orient in the list of contract conditions which establish favorable and adverse conditions for your company.As a result of such work on the draft contract, you will receive a written conclusion with a draft protocol of disagreement with the conditions to be changed and a proposal to adopt new wording.



      Our company also specializes in working with foreign economic contracts, in which one party is a non-resident company of China. The peculiarity of working with such contracts lies in the correct choice of applicable law to the provisions of such contract, as well as in the competence of the authorities authorized to consider disputes arising out of such contracts. Specialists of UGL have many years of experience working with foreign economic contracts not only at the stage of their development and conclusion, but also in the course of fulfilling all conditions set out in such a contract, which ensures our clients high standards of business documentation and the necessary protection of their interests.

      6. Checking the reliability of counterparties resident in China and Hong Kong

      In order to be sure of the counterparty’s trustworthiness, it is necessary to check the counterparty before executing the transaction. The verification procedure is complex and requires certain knowledge and skills, and takes considerable time for people unfamiliar with the procedure.

      UGL’s specialists check your counterparties for the legality of the company’s registration in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong and China, as well as for the presence of the company’s representative who signs the contract, the appropriate authority. UGL specialists have extensive experience and special training in business audit of Chinese and Hong Kong legal entities.Our experts, when performing a trustworthiness audit of business partners, use various methods and sources of information, including constituent documents provided by the counterparty, information from tax authorities, as well as registration services of Hong Kong and China. Based on the results of the audit, our experts will prepare a conclusion on all issues relating to the reliability of the selected partner, and will also orient the client on the presence of possible risks. The counterparty’s business audit takes three business days.

      7. Pre-trial settlement of economic disputes

      During the implementation of business contracts, various disputes and disagreements often arise between counterparties. This may be due to violations of the terms of payment or delivery of goods, conflict situations arising from the supply of low-quality or incomplete goods, short deliveries, etc. As practice shows, the most economical, fastest and most profitable way to resolve all disagreements between counterparties is to use methods of out-of-court settlement of them through negotiations, business correspondence, and mediation. UGL specialists have vast experience in the pre-trial settlement of disputes, which allows our clients to obtain the desired result from a partner (payment, delivery or replacement of goods, etc.) without resorting to the judiciary.

      Applying to UGL for legal consulting services our clients receive a number of significant advantages, such as confidentiality, individual approach, efficiency and quality of work performed, accuracy and reliability of all provided data. Apply with a request by phone and mail addresses specified on our site, preliminary consultation is free of charge.

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