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      China Labour Law Consultancy

      Organization of business in China involves not only the creation of production (trade) site or office for the provision of services, but also the formation of personnel to perform both management and production functions. The effective functioning of any business largely depends on the level of personnel, which is not only one of the main resources of the enterprise, but also the main factor in ensuring the competitiveness of the company.

      UGL company provides its clients with a wide range of recruitment services in the territory of the People’s Republic of China and the organization of management of employees at remote work, as well as consulting services on labor legislation of China. The main features of our work are the use of the latest professional technologies, detailed knowledge of labor laws and practices, familiarity with local peculiarities in different provinces and cities of China.

      Recruitment services

      UGL provides recruitment services from both local Chinese and foreign job seekers in China. Specialists of UGL Company perform recruitment of both ordinary employees and middle and top managers (regional directors, branch managers, sales directors), we also select narrow profile specialists (online sales specialists, orgists, accountants, etc.). Being the reliable partner of many companies which have carried out expansion of business in China, we have powerful base of skilled experts and an extensive network of contacts that allows us to satisfy in the shortest terms requirements of our clients in qualified experts. We also help to recruit Chinese personnel to work remotely in companies that do not have permanent branches in other provinces of China.

      When selecting employees, we participate in negotiations between employees and employers to agree on wage terms and additional bonuses, and provide advice on aligning Chinese labour law with the Russian Labour Code for foreign employees.

      We participate in the adaptation and evaluation of newly hired employees after their probationary period. For foreign workers, we help to obtain a work permit and annual residence permit.

      Сomprehensive HR services in the organization of personnel management

      UGL company also provides comprehensive HR services in the organization of personnel management, which include audit of personnel policy, development of individual technologies for personnel management, assistance in the development and implementation of corporate culture, personnel assessment services, personnel training, HR analytics, analysis of the current state and human resources potential of the company, analysis of job functions and organizational and personnel structure, development of schemes for optimization of technology management and personnel activities.

      Legal assistance in organization of work with personnel

      An important aspect of working with staff is the competent registration of labor relations. Specialists of UGL are experts in the field of labor legislation of China, thanks to which we provide advice on all matters related to the organization and execution of labor relations with resident companies of China, as well as with representative offices of foreign companies and with companies registered in offshore jurisdictions, particularly in Hong Kong. We provide services to verify the company’s HR documentation for compliance with Chinese law, i.e. examination of standard employment contracts, as well as assistance in drafting employment contracts. The most important document that establishes the rights and obligations of an employee and employer is the employment contract. The development of a competent employment contract that complies with the labour legislation in force in China and at the same time protects the interests of the employer to the maximum extent possible is a priority for each employer. Our specialists have extensive experience not only in the development of employment contracts, but also in the settlement of labor disputes. This enables us to develop employment contracts taking into account various aspects and nuances of labor dispute resolution practice in China, which provides our clients with real protection of their interests in the future in case of their occurrence. Also, our specialists will help you to establish personnel document flow (employment and dismissal orders, job descriptions, internal work regulations, applications for leave, parental leave, etc.).

      In case of labour disputes with employees (dismissal, payment of compensation, sick leave, vacation) our specialists will promptly consult you on a possible development scenario and, if necessary, will act as mediators between an employee and the employer.

      Consultation in the field of labour law also involves providing information on the norms of minimum and maximum wages in various cities of China, on the ratio of payments to social and insurance funds, pension fund. These regulations may vary from city to city and from province to province, and it is important for a foreign employer to obtain the calculation of all the necessary payments before signing an employment contract with the employee, since the ratio of mandatory payments to the various funds may reach up to 50 per cent of the employee’s salary.

      For 12 years of successful work, UGL has gained a reputation as a reliable partner in the market of recruitment services. The use of flexible approach, focus on individual features of our clients’ business processes, professional development of specialists and actualization of knowledge in the field of labor legislation gives us the opportunity to ensure impeccable quality of our services.

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