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      Business in China

      About the company


      Businessmen of the whole world claim: to get China as a trading partner is profitable and promising, as evidenced by the inexhaustible flow of goods in Chinese packages. Their range is huge, ranging from children’s toys and ending with industrial equipment. Chinese products are in demand in the Russian market, and this suggests that the sooner cooperation with Chinese manufacturing enterprises is established, the more successful the business will be.

      UGL Corporation Ltd started its activities in China in 2005, by registering in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as an offshore company with representation in China, in Beijing. Today, the company is among the official commercial structures registered in Hong Kong and the PRC. Since 2013, a subsidiary in Beijing, UGL Consulting Co., has been successfully operating. Ltd. (Beijing). The company has a representative office in Guangzhou and territorial sales offices in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Yakutsk, Khabarovsk) and in Kazakhstan (Kostanay). Our reliability is confirmed by the results of annual audits that we undergo in China and in Hong Kong and numerous reviews and recommendations of our clients.

      UGL Corporation Ltd specializes in providing agency, information, consulting, marketing, transportation services, assists in registering companies and representative offices in the PRC and Hong Kong and their accounting services. In 2014, the company established an Investment Department, whose activities are aimed at attracting investment in Russia and supporting investment projects.

      Getting into the Chinese market and quickly adapting with us is easy! Over the years, our company has become well aware of the specifics of the country, has established the necessary contacts with representatives of various business sectors, has built relationships with banks and insurance companies.

      We guarantee you a productive cooperation with Chinese companies because:

      • We work, starting from conducting an audit of enterprises, primary negotiations and ending with the conclusion of contracts.
      • We organize logistics.
      • We provide modern financial instruments, providing deferred payment.

        We can help:

        • Place one or more types of production at Chinese enterprises.
        • Make purchases of quality products at manufacturing plants in China.
        • Advice on financial, investment and legal issues relating to China.
        • Collect objective, verified information regarding Chinese enterprises.
        • To control the quality and quantity of the goods delivered, to inspect the goods.
        • Organize a cheap and profitable way to deliver goods from China.
        • Marketing the Chinese market.
        • Implement distribution projects for the sale of foreign products in China.
        • Develop and agree on a convenient form of settlement with partners from China, including with deferred payment.
        • Develop an import credit scheme with third-party financing.
        • Register a company in China or Hong Kong.
        • Advise on doing business in China, provide effective solutions to promote products in China.

          Becoming our client will be able to use additional services, the list of which includes:

          • Assistance with the design of the invitation required to apply for a visa to travel to China.
          • Hotel reservation.
          • Organization of trips to manufacturing plants accompanied by a manager-translator.
          • Organization of visiting exhibitions and conducting commercial negotiations.
          • Help in finding a property in the PRC for the purpose of buying or renting.

          Cooperation with us is beneficial because:

          • Our priorities in work are efficiency, reliability and quality.
          • Our motto: our clients are our partners, we value each client and take into account the individual characteristics of his business.
          • Our client actually acquires a remote office, working for his business, solving all the necessary tasks in the territory of the PRC.

          Our team includes: employees residing in China, having specialized education and experience in foreign economic activity, fluent in Russian, Chinese and English.

          The client is always ready to come to the aid of employees of the company specializing in the field of procurement (FEA), logistics, company registration, Chinese law, financial issues.

          Our clients include medium and large companies, holding companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the USA, Israel and other countries. You can also easily become one of them. Finding us in Beijing is easy: the UGL office is located in the central part of the city.

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