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      Tax Advice

      Consultations in the field of tax and labor law, financial consulting, assistance in resolving legal issues and trade disputes.

      One should note that the concept of consulting services is quite extensive and includes several important areas: tax, labor, legal, financial, within which our company provides a wide range of services. Below you can familiarize yourself with the main areas of consulting services in China offered by UGL Consulting Co., Ltd., Beijing and get a detailed description of various areas of consulting and related features.

      Tax Consulting

      Due to the increase in the number of companies registered in China and Hong Kong, the establishment of value-added tax refund systems in China, benefits for export promotion and attraction of foreign investors, and, in general, the growing interest of foreign individuals in private business development, the demand for tax advice has increased greatly.

      Guided by market trends and the needs of our clients, we advise on the peculiarities of taxation of companies in China, the simplified system of taxation and the system of taxation in obtaining the status of an ordinary taxpayer with the possibility of VAT refund. Weighing the pros and cons of each system, we help the client to choose the scheme of work acceptable for him. If a company registered in the People’s Republic of China is part of a holding company and has the need for corporate accounting and tax deductions from the subsidiary for the parent company, we individually consider each situation and help our clients to find the best solution with the lowest costs.

      Our employees advise our clients on the application of the Agreement “On Avoidance of Double Taxation and Prevention of Tax Evasion with Respect to Income Taxes”, according to which the party conducting the payment of remuneration under the agreement pays taxes for the recipient of payment to the state tax authorities at the place of registration, help solve the issues of tax optimization and effective cooperation within the group of companies.

      Financial Consulting

      As part of our financial advisory services, we help to build a successful multi-layered business model with multiple market players – a trading company producing in China, a company in Hong Kong and a structure in another jurisdiction, indicating the relationship and functionality of each party, taking into account their specific taxation and legislation. We help to establish the document flow between the parties to the transaction, which is especially emphasized by our company due to the difficult economic situation and possible limitations of currency control.

      Along with this, we achieve the most favorable conditions and interest rates for our clients for short and medium term financing using financial products of Chinese banks and insurance company Sinosure.

      For large clients of our company we can help in obtaining long-term project financing required for construction or production projects in Russia. The specialists of our company have good relations with Chinese banks, including China Development Bank and China Eximbank, which actively lend Russian business if the Chinese component is present.

      Legal Consulting

      It is no secret that the key to a successful business is thorough preparation and verification of the reliability of potential partners. Equally important is the legally supported protection of their interests. We conduct a company reputation check, assess the risks of a transaction for you, make an examination of contracts – we provide advice on amending the contract in order to protect the interests of our customers, and draw up an opinion on the reliability of our Chinese partners.

      If, however, you have not been able to avoid conflict situations with Chinese partners associated with the supply of poor quality goods, violation of delivery terms or the terms of the contract, we will assist in resolving disputes and conflicts with Chinese partners in the pre-trial procedure, or represent your interests in court and seek compensation to satisfy our customers.

      Often there are cases of unauthorized export, when knowledge and technologies in the field of product development are used by your competitors. In this case, we recommend registering your own trademark, which is the easiest and most effective way to protect your intellectual property. It is also possible to register a patent, conceal manufacturer data and other effective measures with which we help our customers to protect themselves from the growing market competition. Due to the tightening of Chinese intellectual property laws, registering your own trademark is an effective protection measure, which our company can help you!

      Employment law consulting

      More and more companies with 100% foreign capital and representative offices of foreign companies in China are giving preference to Chinese employees, justifying the lower remuneration compared to foreign employees, as well as the greater choice of employees in the labor market. Often, ignorance of Chinese labor law and omissions of details when signing an employment contract may result in a protracted court dispute or substantial compensation if the employee is dismissed. The correct drawing up of an employment contract with our help will help you avoid conflicts with your future employee and guarantee legal protection of your interests. And advice on Chinese labor law will help you make the right choice between a foreign and a Chinese employee. Each region of China has its own legal upper and lower wage limits, and the knowledge of these features gained during the consultations will also allow you to save your staff budget wisely.

      You can also entrust us with the process of selecting personnel who meet your criteria, which includes a multi-stage selection system, appointing interviews with the best potential employees, agreeing on details and drafting an employment contract, consulting on social contributions and payment of personal income tax.

      Company UGL – your reliable adviser on China!

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