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      Tax consulting in Hong Kong | UGL Company

      The number of companies registered in Hong Kong is constantly growing due to a convenient tax system, which is based on the principle of territoriality –  it means is that only income received directly in the area under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong is being the subject to taxation. The demand for tax law advice

      Certification of products for children (plastic toys). Almost all products exported from China and intended for children’s use are subject to mandatory certification. This procedure is obligatory, as it confirms the safety of toys in accordance with the requirements of the legislation on the conditions of production, storage, operation and disposal of children’s products. But

      This is evidenced by the data of the State Customs Administration of the People’s Republic of China, published on April 13, 2021. In the first three months of the new year, China exported and imported goods worth 8.47 trillion yuan ($1.3 trillion). Compared to the first quarter of 2020, the country’s foreign trade turnover increased

      Apple introduces restrictions for developers

      In China, the mobile gaming industry is developing in direct proportion to the quarantine measures and the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. The dependence can be traced in a certain period of time; from February to June. So, the Apple Store registered a record number of downloads of applications for games, about 222 million, and

      The ISBN license

      In our last post we wrote about Apple’s new rules related to game licensing in the Chinese market. If there are talented developers among our subscribers who plan to release their ios apps in China, this article is a must-read. The ISBN license is issued by the State Administration for Press and Publications of the

      Procedures for exporting cars from China

      In accordance with the law of the People’s Republic of China, when importing any motor transport to the territory of another country, you must obtain an exporter’s certificate and a license to export cars. In the process of obtaining the above-mentioned documents, complex administrative problems may arise on the Chinese side. In order to avoid

      Platforms for dropshipping

      Platforms for dropshipping, its pros and cons. The first platform from which your drop begins is, in fact, the site. It can be simple and complex, it all depends on your imagination and ambition. You can do it yourself or contact specialists. If the complex is an online store, a convenient store is a simple

      What is dropshipping?

      Dropshipping is the sale of someone else’s goods from your own online store in the presence of a partnership agreement with the supplier, while the supplier is responsible for delivery and costs. Dropshipping is when an intermediary creates a “showcase” for goods, promotes it and processes orders, which he transfers to the manufacturer and makes

      The first Chinese-developed HIV drug has entered the world market

      Information about the international recognition of the drug was shared by its developer, Frontier Biotech. The first drug Aikening, or in Russian “albuvirtide” for infusions, was approved by the government of Ecuador. The company has already announced plans to export the drug to 60 countries around the world. Aikening was approved by the State Drug

      Mobile games

      China is a country with a huge population, which is improving more and more every year and immersing itself in digital realities. People in China, starting from an early age and ending in middle age, prefer computer games to other activities. This tendency leads to the minimization of intellectual enlightenment, the dispersion of collective values,


      In China, for 30 years, there has been an exciting show “Evening 3.15”, which is released every year on March 15 on World Consumer Rights Day. Its purpose is to highlight major blunders, inactions, and even the most real negligence on the part of popular manufacturing giants. This year, world-famous companies as MaxMara, BMW, Kohler