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      Office space selection in China.

      The developed infrastructure of large cities in China ensures the efficient operation of enterprises, and the favorable location of the office space directly affects productivity and business development of every company. The number of new buildings and business centers in big cities of China is growing every day, so it makes sense to use the service of choosing an office in China offered by UGL Corporation. Our specialists will choose the right location of the premises, which will certainly have a positive impact on business activities.

      • UGL Corporation provides a full range of services related to the choosingof an office space in China.
      • The choice of the office space is carried out for each client individually taking into account thetasks and aspects of his business

      The main factors which we usually take in account are: the budget, desired area and the location of the office facility. Analyzing the client’s task, UGL company’s specialists offer the most suitable variants for renting an office, which can satisfy our client for sure. For this purpose we prepare a presentation including description of the office building and office space itself, photos, terms (including the price) and essential conditions of the rental contract.

      Important factors considered when choosing an office space in China:

      1. City, district. Each district has its own features. Selection ofthe office is carried out taking into account these characteristics, which makes it easier for our clients to meet with their partners, suppliers, to carry out business activities.
      2. Most office buildings in China are being constructed with great speed, so sometimes the facility which was built ten years ago is already considered irrelevant for a high class office. Our company conducts a critical assessment of the building before offering it to the customer.
      3. Location. The view outside the window is important when choosing a room: the panorama of the construction site or residential slums is not suitable for business people.
      4. The condition of the floor where the office is situated and the premises itself. Even within one office building in China the internal condition of floors may vary. This factor is influenced by the previous tenant and the management company. In order to check this our specialists go to the objects and inspect each room individually. Sometimes photos offered by Chinese realtors or management companies are not quite true, so personal inspection is important.
      5. Price category. The cost of rent will depend on the district and the class of the office premises. Areas are available from 30 sq. m to 1800 sq. m and more, depending on the client’s needs. Average rental prices will vary depending on the city and district. The most expensive offices are in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

      Price for office rent in China

      Realofficefor in Beijing / Shanghai Nominal office in Beijing / Shanghai

      from 6-8 yuan per square meter per day. The average rental rate is 15,000 yuan per month.

      Note: The real office is a mandatory condition for trade operations in the field of food, alcoholic beverages, as well as for foreign trade operations as your company will need to register an additional license for these purposes.

      from 18,000 yuan per year.

      Note: suitable for service companies. Allows you to optimize the costs on the initial stage of development.

      Some features of office rent in China.

      As mentioned above, the selection of office space in China is based on the company’s business interests.

      In Beijing, the most popular area for placing an office is Chaoyang district, located in CBD (Central Business District). The predominant number of buildings here are skyscrapers, and all interior spaces are designed in modern styles: minimalism or high-tech. Office space in China is rented out without repair or furniture, but our specialists can also find an alternative variant.

      A contract with the landlord is usually concluded for one year. As a rule, payments are made every 3 months, and there is an additional deposit for 2 or 3 months – these are standard termsin China.

      If the features of your business allows you not to be in China permanently, our company can find a nominal officefor you, which allows the company to have a legal address, but this office can not be used as a real location of the company (you can’t work there).

      Also it is important to remember that for some types of licenses, in particular for the food products license, rental of a real office isan obligatory condition.

      Order the service of “Office selection” from UGL Corporation and we will guarantee you to find an office premises in which your business will flourish.

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