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      Special package for registration in Hong Kong

      UGL Corporation Limited can rightfully be considered a professional in the field of company registration in Hong Kong and other offshore jurisdictions. With our participation, more than 300 structures were registered, at the moment we serve more than 100 companies registered in Hong Kong. Over 10 years of experience and the work of a team of highly qualified specialists allows us to successfully implement services both in registration and in providing accounting and auditing services for our clients.

      hongkong-5Since September 2016, we have been offering a new registration package for Hong Kong, including the registration of the company and opening an account with Unibank (Armenia).

      The cost of the package will be $3,600, including:

      1. Preparation of all company registration documents (CI, BR, M&A, NC1);
      2. Apostille of registration documents;
      3. Annual secretarial services (providing address, phone and fax) within 1 year from the date of registration;
      4. Opening an offshore multi-lingual account with Unibank (Armenia), the interview can be held in Moscow (face-to-face meeting with the bank representative) or in Beijing (via Skype).

      Advantages of this package:

      –  there are no restrictions on persons with citizenship of the Russian Federation (directors / shareholders)

      –  no restrictions on transactions from / to the Russian Federation

      – high speed of payments (crediting the next day)

      – low transfer fees

      – high bank reliability and good country reputation

      The bank commission for opening an account is 630 US dollars, (the amount is debited by the bank after opening the account).

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