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      Financial Consulting in China

      UGL offers its clients financial consulting services aimed at optimizing financial flows and taking advantage of opportunities to obtain related financing from Chinese banking organizations.

      Successful business depends not only on the ability to get the most favorable price offers, but also to a large extent on convenient terms of delivery and payment of goods fixed in the contract.

      Taking into account that the majority of production companies as well as large trading companies in China have considerable experience in foreign economic activity, one can count on receiving payment deferrals if the volume of supply or placement of a large order for production of goods or complete equipment increases.

      Chinese manufacturing companies willingly provide a commodity credit for export operations on condition of insurance of such commodity credit, as it protects their business from losses, makes it possible to increase sales volumes by attracting new clients on deferred payment terms.
      It is well known that the Chinese government is making great efforts to promote Chinese goods with high added value in the international market. To this end, manufacturers of equipment, machinery, and machinery work closely with government insurance companies and banks, because without their support it is impossible to ensure the advantages of Chinese equipment and other capital goods.

      One of the largest and most famous Chinese insurance companies that deal with export credit insurance is China Export Credit Insurance Corporation Sinosure, a government export credit agency established in 2001 to promote foreign trade and economic cooperation. Sinosure Corporation supports Chinese exports of goods, technology and services. The priority of the corporation is to support the export of high-tech and high-yield investment products through export credit insurance.

      What services can a Russian importer receive from Chinese insurance company Sinosure?

      • short-term credit limit (payment delay from 30 days to 1 year),
      • medium-term financing under insurance coverage (1-3 years),
      • long-term insurance coverage of the transaction (over 5 years).

      Depending on the type of transaction, products and the Chinese component of your financial consultant – UGL will select the right scheme of work and calculate the cost of insurance coverage and credit resources.

      Well established long-term cooperation of UGL with Sinosure Corporation and Chinese banks gives us an opportunity to agree on deferral of payment for our clients under contracts with Chinese production and trading companies focused on foreign economic activity. To implement this scheme, our specialists will help you in conducting negotiations with Chinese contractors, banks and representatives of Sinosure Corporation, as well as prepare the necessary documents to agree on the maximum possible delay of payment.

      The advantage of UGL’s financial consulting services is that we have many years of experience, knowledge of the Chinese legislation and the specifics of doing business in China, as well as business contacts in the banks and insurance company Sinosure, which allows us to achieve maximum speed in obtaining commodity credits for our customers.

      The most popular service for the Russian market is short-term financing of export deliveries for the period from 90 to 180 calendar days.
      It should also be noted that over the years, UGL has established close ties with large Chinese corporations with large bank limits, so that such companies can be used as exporters or one consolidated exporter for deliveries from several manufacturers.

      Please note that an application to an insurance company can only be submitted on behalf of a Chinese exporter, so competent negotiations with Chinese partners are a big part of success.

      The cost of UGL’s financial consulting services depends on the amount of the transaction, the size of the credit limit and the number of exporters within the delivery.

      Our company’s portfolio of transactions includes various cases – from 100 thousand to several million dollars. The experience of our employees allows us to carry out each transaction with maximum benefit for the client, and the formation of credit history of the importer in China will allow us to look into the future with maximum confidence.

      Contact our company for advice and we will help you to build a competent financial strategy for the supply of products from PRC.

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