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      Does your company deal only with shipments (cargo delivery) from China?

      Our company specializes in providing agency (consulting) services in China. The practice and experience of working with clients in China showed that the range of services is more in demand in China.

      Transport and logistics services provided by our company are only part of our business. The company UGL Corporation LTD organizes the following services for its customers:


      • comprehensive support of commercial export-import contracts;

      • consulting services on Chinese corporate, commercial, labor law, international commercial law;

      • advice in the field of investment, finance, taxation;

      • comprehensive services for launching business projects in China;

      • Promotion of foreign companies, as well as foreign products in the Chinese market, including marketing research, selection of partners, negotiation and conclusion of transactions, provision of export-import operations, product certification, etc.

      • registration and support services for companies in China and Hong Kong;

      • integrated international logistics services.

        The activity of our company is not limited to the above list of services. We are waiting for your wishes to work with China and will be happy to provide you with new services.

        Do you deliver groupage cargoes from China, incl. air cargo?

        Yes, since 2013 our company is engaged in air transportation. UGL company transports goods by sea, rail, road and air (usually, multimodal delivery schemes).

        If you are interested in our complex services in China – send us a letter and we will send you the terms of cooperation and sample contracts.

        Why are you processing a search request for money for manufacturers?

        We believe that whatever the prospects of our cooperation with you, each stage of the services we provide must be paid for. By the way, our new customers pay for these services on the terms of 100% prepayment. And we guarantee that marketing services will be provided to you at a high level and produced with proper quality – we are interested in our potential customer receiving information about the product with the lowest prices and the highest quality products.

        If we work with you and we need to expand the range of products purchased in China, will you insist on payment for finding partners in China?

        If our client already purchases products in China and delivers goods or equipment through us, i.e. uses the range of our services, then the processing of subsequent requests, no matter what topic and to what extent, is made by us free of charge. At the same time, the quality and timing remain at the same high level.

        We would like to separately note that if the product that interests our customers has already been supplied by our company and we worked with manufacturers for this product group, then in this case we will be able to provide price data for free.

        What is the minimum batch of products you can buy in China with your help?

        We assist in the procurement (placement of orders) and the delivery of products from China with an initial purchase volume of $ 10,000 (test delivery).

        What is your commission size?

        It all depends on the volume of purchases and the complexity of the project: placing an order for the production of complex technical products according to the drawings differs from the simple purchase of finished products in the manufacturer’s catalog.

        Write us a letter describing the project topic, special requirements and volumes in sum or quantity terms, and we will individually discuss and determine the size of our commission.

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