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      Аccess to the China market –
      Export services to China

      It is no secret that the Chinese economy is one of the most powerful economies in the world. Growing incomes of the population as well as the desire of the Chinese to buy better products create a great demand for foreign goods and services. In this regard, a huge number of foreign manufacturers are trying to bring their products to the Chinese market.

      The process of entering the Chinese market involves a number of difficulties and risks. This is due to high competition, the special features of local legislation, high labor and resource intensity. It is very risky and unpromising to start entering the Chinese market without preliminary market research and without reliable business connections in China.

      UGL has many years of experience in promoting foreign, including Russian, products in the Chinese market. To achieve maximum reliability and efficiency, we practice a comprehensive approach, which includes two stages of work:

      The first stage. Marketing and competitive environment analysis.

      Includes a comprehensive analysis of the Chinese market, identifying opportunities and constraints, a number of marketing research, as a result of which our client receives updated information about the main competitors, the specifics of the market, pricing and taxation, rules of standardization and certification, customs duties on specific goods, etc. Performing preliminary research will help you to understand various aspects of internationalization of your business, to form the correct positioning of your product in the Chinese market, to understand the geography of demand, to calculate the costs of organizing the entry into the market.

      Step two. Organization of export expansion to the Chinese market.

      It implies selection of trade partners, negotiations with distributors, coordination of the most favorable conditions for cooperation with contractors, attraction of Russian and Chinese banks to obtain payment deferral, development of logistics organization schemes, solving issues with storage, transportation, processing of products, organization of advertising, solving issues related to taxation, permit documentation (registration of labels, registration of certificates, etc.). Among our clients on entering the Chinese market there are such companies as “Petrokholod”, “Siberian Delicacy”, “KDV”, “Akulchev”. And also manufacturers of alcoholic products from Moldova: “Suvorov Wien” and “Kazayak Wien”, companies producing mineral water, flour and food additives.

      The advantage of UGL’s services is that we have a network of business contacts with leading players, wholesalers company and distributors of foreign food products within China, which allows us to effectively coordinate the process of entering the Chinese market. Our company can help you to promote your products by organizing trade shows and advertising.

      No matter what stage your business is ready to enter the market, you can always use the appropriate package of comprehensive support from UGL’s experts to successfully start to develop the Chinese market.

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