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      Virtual office in China

      Nominal office service

      Nominal office in China is an actual service for all enterprises which are interested in development, promotion and cooperation in the Chinese market. It is a profitable tool for creating a positive image, expanding the sphere of influence in the Chinese business market. Your company gets a local phone number in one of the cities of China, a prestigious address and web hosting, it is also possible to rent conference rooms and other services that indicate the real office in China. In this case, your company can be located anywhere in the world.

      Opening of the official branch of the company is connected with a number of bureaucratic difficulties, which take up to three months. Receiving official registration, searching for office premises, maintaining an office, hiring employees, paying salaries, keeping accounting and tax records, auditing – all this requires substantial expenses already at the first stage. Therefore, registration with a nominal address can significantly reduce costs at the start of business creation.

      The cost of a nominal office is 6000-30000 yuan per year, depending on the city of incorporation. Nominal office (legal address) can be used together with the actual (real office), if it is necessary for the company to operate in the territory of the People’s Republic of China during the whole period of the company, nominal office is also necessary if the address of the actual location of the office can not be included in the registration documents.

      UGL Corporation provides “virtual office in China” service. Among our clients, this service is in great demand, because it has a number of advantages:

      • opening a virtual office does not require the cost of renting space;
      • there are no stages in the search for the premises and the execution of the lease agreement;
      • the company is not registered with the administrative authorities;
      • salaries for employees are not paid;
      • accompaniment and consultation of specialists of our company.

      Virtual phone number in China

      The virtual number allows you to give up your physical address and negotiate directly with your clients. A call from a subscriber comes to a virtual number in Beijing, then there is an automatic call forwarding to a landline phone in any country. For example, a client answers a call that comes to a virtual number in Beijing while in Moscow. In addition to saving on the maintenance of a physical office in China, the client is able to conduct confidential negotiations.

      Call forwarding is automatic to the mobile or landline number of the client. The customer can choose a beautiful phone number with code +86 in different cities of China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai).

      The service also includes call processing by our operators. Specialists speak Chinese, Russian and English.

      Virtual mailing address in China

      The prestigious address in any major city in China receives business mail and correspondence, which will be processed on the instructions of the client. Our company provides physical mail in electronic or paper version, sending the accumulated letters once a month to the real address of the client in any country. The virtual address can be used on business cards, placed on the official website of the company.

      Virtual fax in China

      All information received by fax is forwarded to the client’s e-mail. The client does not spend money to allocate a separate phone number for fax. Data transmission in real time.

      Service Cost

      Company UGL offers 4 packages “Virtual Office”, the cost of each package depends on the number of services provided by our specialists:

      Super Economist. Cost: $50/month

      • Virtual mailing address
      • Forwarding emails once every 3 months by EMS mail

      Economist. Cost: $150/month

      • Mailing address; telephone number
      • Forwarding emails once every 3 months by EMS mail
      • Incoming calls are recorded by the secretary. The client receives a daily notification of callers to the company.

      Business. Cost: $250/month

      • Postal address + processing/ forwarding of letters, correspondence. Delivery of letters once a month by courier delivery UPS DHL
      • The phone number. Processing of incoming calls by secretary in one of three languages (Russian, Chinese, English).

      Premium. Cost: 350/month

      • Postal address + processing/ forwarding of letters, correspondence. Delivery of letters once a month by courier delivery UPS DHL
      • Phone number + processing of incoming calls by the secretary who has passed special training on conducting negotiations on the subject of the client. Conversation with clients is conducted in one of three languages (Russian, Chinese, English).
      • E-mail address on the Chinese server + e-mail processing, translation and summary of the letter is received by the client at the post office.

      Choose the most suitable option and call! The consultation is free.

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