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      Registration of licenses for economic activity in China

      If you plan to do business in China with the possibility of making a profit, you need to register a company. It can be a company with 100% foreign capital or a joint venture. Any official activity of an investor requires the collection and availability of various registration documents. However, a businessman can only engage in those types of business activities that will be specified in the business license. If the authorities find a violation or non-compliance of the company with the scope of its activities, the entrepreneur will face an administrative fine, and in serious cases – closure of the company.

      A separate item is the registration of licenses. Today, the most popular license in China is an import and export license. Registration of documentation of this type begins after all stages of registration of the selected type of enterprise. The term of registration, as well as the package of documents is determined for each license individually.

      UGL Corporation provides services for all types of licenses required for legal work in the Chinese market:

      • registration of the license for import-export activity;

      • registration of a license for food products turnover;
      • registration of the license for trading activity in the field of retail trade;
      • registration of a manufacturing license;
      • registration of a license for cargo transport agency, etc.

      We are also ready to provide services in registration of other licenses under the order of the customer. Our company employs specialists in the field of law, accounting and business consulting, who can not only solve the problem posed by the client, but also to build the necessary system for doing business in China.

      Competent preparation of documents for business activities with the help of UGL Corporation is the beginning of profitable work in the Chinese market, reducing time costs, rapid start of business and the prospects of its successful conduct. So, if your company is planning to import to China, then the presence of import and export license gives an opportunity to carry out customs declaration of goods and VAT refund. If your company’s plans include wholesale trade in food products, it will be necessary to issue a license for food products turnover, and if you want to open production in China, then for some types of goods will need to formalize the product quality standard or a license for production.

      License Terms

      The list of requirements also changes depending on the field of activity. For example, to obtain a license for food products turnover, we prepare a certain package of documents, the main of them:

      1. Business license of the company;
      2. Scan of the identity card of the shareholder company director;
      3. Office space rental agreement and a scan of the certificate of ownership of the premises;
      4. Floor plan of the room;
      5. Certificate of registration of labels for packaged products, etc.

      The license for food turnover is issued for 5 years. If it is necessary to extend the document, we apply to the authority of the Commercial and Industrial Administration at least one month before the expiration of the official license. After the extension, the registration number cannot be changed.

      When considering documents by licensing authorities, the office space (at least 30 m2), the number of Chinese and foreign employees, the size of the authorized capital and the scope of the company are taken into account. Our experts will help you avoid mistakes and inconsistencies at this stage.

      In your license will be indicated:

      • company’s name;
      • the place of business;
      • subject of activity;
      • type of business activity;
      • name of the responsible person;
      • the registration number;
      • expiration date;
      • who issued it and the date of issue.

      We strongly recommend our clients to place this document in a prominent place in the office of the company, in accordance with the law.

      General terms of license registration

      Registration deadlines will change depending on the type of activity. On average, all documents will take from 20 to 30 calendar days to complete. You can find out more exact terms from our manager.

      Stages of license registration

      The main steps may be different. It depends on the type of license. There are two types of licenses – licenses that are issued before the registration of the company and post-registration licenses. For trading companies with foreign capital, post-registration licenses are more common, i.e. licenses that a legal entity issues after obtaining a business license. For more serious areas, such as freight forwarding, for example, there is a procedure for obtaining a license before registering a company. Thus, there is an estimation of quantitative and qualitative indicators of activity of the foreign investor and possibilities for realization of planned sphere in China. In order for a foreign-invested enterprise to be included in the scope of its activities, forwarding services must be approved in advance by the Office of the Ministry of Commerce (local, provincial level), which, after checking the applicant’s documents, will forward the request to the Directorate of Transport, if approved by the Directorate of Transport, the Directorate of the Ministry of Commerce will issue the Approval for registration of the enterprise with foreign investment. Our specialists are constantly practicing all kinds of licenses and always ready to suggest the right way.

      You can get more detailed consultation on license issuance in China by phone numbers indicated on our company’s website. Consultations are free of charge.

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