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      What’s the algorithm?

      Stage 1 (3-6 working days)

      You: 1. send us a request. 2. provide us with detailed tasks. 3. sign an agreement with us to process the request. 4. pay for the service (for example, express analysis of the Chinese market segment or market research). 5. discuss and plan the market expansion or trade optimization.

      We: 1. assess the feasibility of your request. 2. sign a contract and make an invoice. 3. pick a personal manager for the project. 4. clarify the task and analyse the segment in depth. 5. present the best options.

      Stage 2 (10-15 working days)

      You: 1. complement and refine the search parameters or research the Chinese market. 2. Receive from us a summary table of research in China with comments. 3. You are considering the proposed delivery options from China and the options for customs clearance of your cargo. 4. analyze the final cost of products from China. 5. decide on the possibility of further action on the supply of goods or equipment from China.

      We: 1. we receive from partners in China a response with an assortment of their products, preliminary prices, other information, and analyze data. 2. draw up a summary table with data (prices, packaging, etc.) from manufacturers in China. 4. calculate the chosen route of transportation from China and determine the customs broker. 5. we provide you with all the figures taking into account the transportation and the total cost in your warehouse.

      Stage 3 (at your discretion)

      You: 1. consider the options and terms of providing comprehensive services offered by us (agency in China + delivery to your address). 2. sign an agency agreement with us and a forwarding and transport service agreement. 3. Consider options for cooperation in China (contract, financial and organizational) and working conditions with Chinese companies. 4. choose for cooperation from the manufacturing enterprises offered by us potential partners in China. 5. Identify your financial capabilities, target prices and desirable forms of work with enterprises in China. 6. Perhaps, you are planning a business trip to China to visit selected factories and plants for the final assessment of manufacturers and pre-contract negotiations.

      We: 1. offer you options for partnerships with our company and sign the relevant agreements. 2. we denote our ability to work with a Chinese manufacturer and describe the range of agency services (optimization of prices and conditions for the purchase of products, orders, payments, etc.). 3. we offer you forms and methods of working with Chinese partners with the priority of respecting your interests. 4. we give comments on each of the partners in China and describe their proposed way of placing an order for manufacturing or buying finished Chinese products. 5. Contacting manufacturers in China and assess their degree of interest in working with you. 6. we count for you the budget of a business trip to China, or we ourselves leave for the indicated production, or we begin remote negotiations on the terms of a contract with factories (factories) in China.

      Stage 4 (from 1 to 2 months)

      You: 1. send (bring) samples of the products you need, and then with our help get samples of goods from manufacturers from China. 2. it is possible that you fly to China and with our help you visit Chinese enterprises and conduct commercial negotiations with them. 3. remotely coordinate our actions to clarify the conditions of work with factories in China and the conclusion of your contract. 4. make a prepayment under the contract (open a letter of credit). 5. receive from us and analyze the reports (photos, videos) and comments on the stages of production started.

      We: 1. participate in the exchange of product samples between you and Chinese companies. 2. we receive for you the lowest prices for the products you need in China. 3. it is possible that we accompany you on a business trip to enterprises in China and help you to negotiate competently. 4. we assist you in obtaining the most attractive conditions for cooperation with firms from China and assist in signing a contract. 5. begin the technical and organizational work on placing an order or buying products in China.

      Stage 5 (from 2 to 3 months)

      You: 1. describe and send us the criteria (conditions) for our acceptance of products in China during the final inspection. 2. Receive a report on the inspection we made in China when the goods were shipped to your address and copies of the accompanying documents. 3. make the final payment under the contract and our agency fee. 4. view our reports on the movement of cargo from China on the way. 5. pay customs duties. 6. Get your goods with Chinese products in your warehouse.

      We: 1. control all stages of production in China and leave for inspection (inspection) of manufactured Chinese products; we compile a report for you on its results. 2. check and adjust the shipping documents compiled by Chinese partners for your goods. 3. we organize the forwarding delivery of cargo from China to your address. 4. track the movement of your cargo from China on the way. 5. If necessary, we prepare an additional package of documents for customs brokers.

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