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      Filing a Power of Attorney in Hong Kong

      UGL company provides its clients with notarization services in Hong Kong. One of the most popular notarial actions demanded by business clients is notarization and power of attorney.

      A power of attorney is a document that establishes the authority of an individual to represent the interests of another individual or legal entity. Most often, powers of attorney are drawn up by the director of the company to provide the individual with the right to speak at various institutions on behalf of the company.

      The procedure for notarizing a power of attorney in Hong Kong implies the personal presence of a proxy, as well as the provision of a certain list of documents. The scope of authority depends on the literacy of the power of attorney, the correct wording of the list of rights vested in the trustee. As a rule, notaries use template texts of the power of attorney, which do not always contain the wording necessary for such a power of attorney to be accepted by state bodies and institutions, or to empower the attorney to represent the interests of the company in relations with counterparties.

      What is necessary to obtain a power of attorney in Hong Kong?

      1. To draw up a power of attorney that would provide the authorized representative with the full amount of all necessary powers, it is necessary to provide the notary with a certain list of documents prepared in advance;
      2. to agree with a notary the text of the power of attorney so that the provisions contained therein do not conflict with the applicable law of Hong Kong;
      3. set a date for the visit to a notary;
      4. pay the corresponding fee;
      5. the trustee must personally come to Hong Kong to affix his signature to the presence of a notary.

      In order for the notarial action to be carried out as soon as possible and not be delayed due to the need to prepare and provide the notary with additional documents, it is advisable to entrust the execution of this procedure to professionals.

      UGL specialists, before accepting documents for notarial acts from the client, find out the purpose of such notarial actions. If the notarial act is the execution of a power of attorney, then our specialists at the stage of accepting a client’s order to work establish what tasks should be performed with the help of a power of attorney, then determine the list of necessary documents, and then determine the scope of authority of the trustee, which is agreed with the client.

      All formalities related to the notarization of a power of attorney are performed by UGL specialists on the condition of maximum efficiency and clarity of compliance with the tasks set by the client.

      There are also cases when it is necessary to revoke (cancel) the power of attorney previously issued by the notary due to the termination of powers (cooperation) with the trusted person. Such procedure is also performed through a notary. Specialists of UGL company have many years of experience in carrying out all the formalities that may be associated with the registration, and the cancellation of a power of attorney in Hong Kong.

      With the help of UGL’s employees, all necessary notarial actions on the territory of Hong Kong will be performed quickly and qualitatively, as our specialists have extensive experience in the performance of such procedures and a special level of training. Applying for notarial certification of power of attorney to the company UGL you get such advantages as individual approach, speed of task fulfillment, professional approach to solving tasks, reliability.

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