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      Marketing analysis in China

      Recently, due to the sweeping development of Chinese imported products market and growth of middle class in China, many foreign businessmen found new opportunities to export from foreign countries to China.

      We can see that, not only raw materials such as timber, oil and coal are exported, but also foodstuffs, cosmetics, some types of equipment and construction materials, i.e. goods that require certain market positioning.

      In this case, it is necessary to conduct marketing research to understand what price category the product will belong to, what target audience it should be designed for, what market share it will be able to occupy, what advertising methods are better to use to achieve maximum effect. Our company has accumulated considerable experience in marketing, we have accomplished a large number of research reports, among them there are food products, vine, cosmetics, medical equipment, transport logistics, retail and many other fields.

      China remains the most interesting market for foreign goods, especially from Europe, which is well known for high quality of food stuff. The growing income level of the population is also very important, as more people can afford to buy better quality imported goods.

      UGL company, which has been working in the Chinese market for more than 15 years, has accumulated extensive experience in conducting marketing research in various fields.

      The main fields of the Chinese market, in which UGL specializes:

      • Food products (confectionery products, agricultural products, soft drinks)
      • Alcoholic products (quiet, sparkling wines, balsams)
      • Cosmetic products (skin care and decorative cosmetics, perfumery)
      • Research of infrastructure and logistics (railway, sea, road transport; cargo in containers).
      • Industrial products (medical equipment)

      We use the following methods for marketing research:

      • Quantitative
      • Qualitative
      • Fieldresearch
      • Desk research

      When conducting marketing research in China, UGL aims to introduce our customers to the Chinese market in details, the purpose of the research is either to introduce new products or to increase sales volume.

      We also analyze the existing marketing strategy of our clients to help them find the right solutions that works in China, help them identify the right target audience and methods of product promotion that work in this market. Our clients can make significant budget savings by following our recommendations.

      Of course, the Chinese market is not easy and sometimes brings a lot of surprises, but with the right product positioning, you can get the desired result even after a short period of entry into the market.

      The sources of information that we use for market research include:

      1. Working with government agencies

      • Administration of Statistics of the PRC, General Administration of Customs of the PRC, Commercial and Industrial Administration and its local branches, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Information Center of the PRC, Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, Local and State Tax Administration.

      2. Working with industry associations

      • Industry associations, annual statistical handbooks of industry associations, local committees of industry and entrepreneurs

      3. Interviews

      • External interviews: heads of leading industry enterprises, heads of industry associations, insiders, leading industry enterprises, major distributors, major consumers, major producers or major suppliers.
        Internal interviews: Chairman of the Board of Directors, President, directors of relevant departments, directors of leading departments.
        Information is collected through telephone conversations or when visiting the company.

      4. Statistical analysis

      • Analysis of statistical data using modern methods and quantitative analysis.

      How do we do market research in China?

      1. We form goals, tasks and stages of project implementation within the framework of clients’ requests.
      2. We collect and analyze information from primary sources, using various methods, such as quantitative and qualitative analysis, field research, expert interviews.
      3. We form the conclusion and recommendations in the final report. Due to the client’s needs we can provide desk research first and after that use some other methods.

      For years of work our company has gained considerable experience and profound relationships in various fields of the Chinese market that allows us to spend marketing researches with the maximum accuracy and in a rather short time.

      UGL company can handle the most complex tasks in the field of marketing, our team has sufficient knowledge and extensive experience in conducting marketing research.

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