April 2018: development of technological projects. - UGLC
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      April 2018: development of technological projects.

      In April 2018, UGL signed a contract for consulting services for a resident of the Skolkovo innovation center – GeoSplit LLC. GeoSplit helps to study the productivity of horizontal wells created by hydraulic fracturing. To do this, markers from quantum dots are entered into the well. After washing out, they are returned to the laboratory and analyzed using machine learning. This allows for continuous monitoring of wells, as well as reducing costs and improving production safety, Geosplit noted.

      The high-tech sector is developing rapidly today, as evidenced by the introduction of advanced technologies in the oil and gas industry to China. Maximizing the efficiency of developing its own shale gas and oil fields in China is one of the main problems of developing reserves, the volume of which alone for gas exceeds 30 trillion m3 (according to EAI).

      China is showing considerable interest in scientific research and ready-made technologies from Russia, which can be successfully applied in various fields of industry, as well as reduce the costs of companies.

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