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      Super production of technical fabrics in China

      Super production of technical fabrics in ChinaAt the beginning of April, our company conducted an extensive research in the field of technically functional textiles commissioned by one of our clients in Belarus.

      The peculiarity of this textile is that it has its own know-how among the protective textiles for building facades. It serves as protection against precipitation, temperature changes, wind fluctuations and fires.

      In search of a reliable supplier for the delivery, at the first stage we selected 64 factories, each of which was checked by us for reliability and quality.

      At the second stage, after requesting additional and clarifying information on specific characteristics from each of them, we choose 9 factories and  in the process of negotiations identified 3 suppliers who had their own research base and full technical readiness to develop this innovative fabric for our client.

      After receiving all the information and all the necessary characteristics from the manufacturers and suppliers of this product, we formed and sent all the data to the client in the form of a research report.

      We are glad that in the future our colleagues have serious plans for cooperation with the factories, which we were able to choose to solve their problems. The development of such a technically innovative fabric will make a significant contribution to the field of construction and safety.

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