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      Procedures for exporting cars from China

      In accordance with the law of the People’s Republic of China, when importing any motor transport to the territory of another country, you must obtain an exporter’s certificate and a license to export cars. In the process of obtaining the above-mentioned documents, complex administrative problems may arise on the Chinese side. In order to avoid them, spare parts and other components are brought in containers to the territory of the Russian Federation to assembly plants, where cars are assembled from the delivered spare parts. As a result, the car is the property of the Chinese brand, but its assembly is carried out at Russian factories. In this way, the exporter minimizes import costs and avoids bureaucratic costs.

      In general, the entire procedure related to the export of cars from China is divided into three stages:

      (1) Obtaining a qualification for the relevant year. (Obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Commerce of China for an enterprise that meets the conditions of an export license).

      (2) Obtaining electronic keys for applying for licenses, etc.

      (3) Directly obtaining the license itself.

      1. If you decide to get an export license, first of all you need to get the qualification of an exporter. The website of the Ministry of Commerce of China annually publishes a list of enterprises approved for obtaining an export license, which indicates enterprises that have received the qualification of an exporter. At this stage, there is an important caveat, only 4 companies from each automaker can apply for the appropriate qualification. If a company that exports cars has not managed or failed to qualify for export, it enters into an agency agreement with the company that is on that list. In this case, the export is carried out on behalf of the qualified company.
      2. The terms and conditions for obtaining electronic keys can be found on this website:
      3. By filling out an application for a license and sending it in electronic form, you can collect a package of necessary documents (application for registration of an export license, a trade agreement, confirmation of entry into the list of car exporters approved by the Ministry of Commerce, the original and a copy with the seal of the business license, and others.)

      Procedures for exporting cars from ChinaThe application for a license for an exporter is issued in compliance with two main provisions: “Control measures of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China over the licensing of commodity exports” No. 11 and according to the “List of goods subject to control when obtaining an export license” No. 125 of 2010, published in 2009.The difficulty of obtaining a license is that the license is mainly issued to automakers and trading companies under automobile corporations.

      Another important provision approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China is the “Notification on the unification of the procedure for exporting cars” No. 26 of 2006. All companies that export cars must comply with the following conditions:

      • Pass the mandatory CCC certification and keep it valid;
      • Provide repair services in the amount corresponding to the number of cars exported, create a sales service system in the main sales markets;
      • Appears in the list of “Bulletin of Goods and Enterprises of the Automotive Industry” of the Development and Reform Committee of the People’s Republic of China
      • During the term of the current powers, enterprises working with exports and car manufacturers must bear legal responsibility for ensuring the quality of products.
      • All export-related businesses and car manufacturers should obtain export authority from eligible car manufacturers and export products in accordance with their respective authority.;

      If the products are made entirely for export and there is a permission of the Government of the People’s Republic of China (an independent legal entity), then these restrictions do not apply.

      In normal cases, subject to the above requirements, the exporter submits the supporting documents and the list of enterprises to which they transfer the relevant export authority, annually before October 15, to the provincial / city Office for Electronic and Mechanical Products. At the last stage, when receiving initial approval, the relevant documents are sent to the Department of Industry Affairs of the Ministry of Commerce by October 31.

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